23 October 2012

ever wonder where erin macbreath went to elementary school?

MURFREESBORO, TN (WSMV) - A school staff member found the remnants of a meth lab on a playground at a Murfreesboro elementary school, then took parts of it inside the building.
A hazardous waste team has been dispatched to Mitchell Nielson Primary School after chemicals, a bottle and tubing used in making meth was found.
The staff member, not knowing what the items were used for, took it inside the school, then brought it back outside for law enforcement to move to a safe location.
The person who created the meth lab took part of it with them to finish the meth-making process. No meth crystals were found at the school. (via)

what are you doing tonight?

me and g.animalz are going to see father john misty at music hall of williamsburg. i'm really looking forward to it.

look what hay stacey hay dale made!

little ryan gosling literally charms the pants off a local reporter

did you know mousketeers dont have to do chores! LUCKY

dachshund races, and much much more



last night was the premiere of rupaul's drag race allstars. rupaul's drag race is the best reality television show ever conceived, so do yourself a favor and pay attention. in unrelated news, check out Edie above who loves gin martinis and rouge.

iron man 3 looks gloomy

are you going to vote?

because i aaaaaaammmmmm.

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