09 December 2010

daily ri ri

have i posted this video before? i just love it. i love her nail color. when rihanna smiles it makes me smile. adorbz.

what is isabella doing?

barely making it.

what is kismet doing?

what does he ever do. he is napping next to the window so he can wake up and bark at anything that moves outside. of course.

2010 zeitgeist by google.

someone on facebook pointed out that they missed michael jackson in the 'deaths' section. guess our boycott worked! (redacted)

get well soon

isabella had her tubes tied this morning. lets all wish her the best of health and a speedy recovery. love you isabella!!

lady before the operation

thats my new scar!

a little woozy post-op. somebody take me home and lay me down. ay carrumba.

Republicans are batting a thousand...for terrible things.

today the senate failed to proceed on the defense authorization bill containing a measure to end don't ask don't tell. that means they didn't fail to pass the actual bill, just to debate it. republicans won't even allow the measure to go to the floor for a mere debate.

senator collins of maine finally came around to vote yes, and a really swell Democrat from the worst state in the union, west virginia, voted no. he was joined by centerfold scott brown and lisa-write-in-murkowski. together their three votes would have been enough to help bring an end to a policy that the president, the court system, much of the legislature, the military leadership, a majority of the troops and the american people want ended. so if you want to know at whom you should direct your ire, it's them.

in review : republicans refuse to give aid to 9/11 workers, assistance to the unemployed during a recession or end a wildly unpopular and bigoted policy. but they will fight to the death, and risk a middle class tax cut, to preserve unpaid for tax cuts for one-tenth of one percent of the population. just remember that in 2012.



let me tell you a story about this song. 1) it was perfect on glee last night. 2) when i was in high school, we had a random family tradition of going out to eat at benihana on christmas eve before the candlelight church service. hibachi steak and shrimp makes the jesus go down easy. anywayz, for 3 or 4 years in a row, we would be waiting in the benihana karaoke bar for our table to be available, and this song would be on repeat. we always had a good laugh, like "last christmas i was at benihana listening to this same damn karaoke song." i had no idea george micheal had anything to do with it, but now that i know i love it even more. so thats how come benihana and wham became a part of my christmas story.

starla re: ryan gosling

starla: he only wears the tightest of pants too
he should be here any minute
i am sweating

i think this is old news but...


so if you pay attention to anything, you know that the wildly hypocritical republicans used the expiration of long-term unemployment assistance to force obama to agree to a tax plan that included extensions of bush-era tax cuts for rich people. to the dismay of many democrats in congress, he agreed to compromise and is opting to to let the rich people keep their money as long as the poor, unemployed americans can still afford to live.

well, the democrats think this was a bit of a pu$$y move, and in a meeting today, agreed they would vote down obama's repub-friendly tax plan when it comes through congress.
“In the caucus today, House Democrats supported a resolution to reject the Senate Republican tax provisions as currently written,” Ms. Pelosi said. “We will continue discussions with the President and our Democratic and Republican colleagues in the days ahead to improve the proposal before it comes to the House floor for a vote.”
The caucus vote, which is not necessarily binding, nonetheless put Ms. Pelosi in a rare direct conflict with the White House, which is pressing Congress to approve the tax cut proposal. (via)
omg dRaMa!! giving those republican jerks a little taste of the snake they bite us with, amiright!

bad news is, instead of wrapping this mess up before christmas and moving on to a DADT repeal, we're going to just fight for a while, and congress may even get shut down!

oh and ps, republicans blocked a bill to provide healthcare aid to 9/11 workers today. again.

daily willow

(via) thx liz!

keekerz speakerz

porcelain raft - tip of your tongue

go raptors!

wondering where you should go to college? might i suggest...

Education for the Common Good. from Bard College on Vimeo.
via suzanne via frank.

look what ktv got me!

make-your-own bear coin purse!! don't be jjeeellllyyyyy!!!

happy hanukkah!

(is it still hannukah?)

just found this in the 2Pz gmail inbox, which we've encouraged you to use but hardly ever check. it was sent by sara jane a few days ago, so here it is for your enjoyment. thx sj!
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