02 March 2012

What's Joel Doing This Weekend?


demented children's drawings.

a whole mess of 'em.

i want that.

liz just showed me these. they'd be the envy of kettlebowling class, wouldn't they?


it's 81 degrees in the boro today....and there are 'naders on the way. 
Storms will develop later Friday in central Tennessee, packing a "high risk for tornadoes, along with a very high risk for wind, hail and localized flooding," according to WSMV.
"There's a high potential for a couple of tornadoes to not only touchdown but stay on the ground once they touchdown in Middle Tennessee," said 4WARN Meteorologist Paul Heggen. (via)
someone put jazzy and sammi sweetheart in the bathtub!


congrats to wiz and amber!

murfreesboro is the new nashville

this is american idol contestant colton dixon, and he is from the boro!!! he is apparently some kind of jesus-y rock freak, and clearly has excellent taste in music. jk.

wonder how i learned this? i'll show you.

follow toot's on facebook, if you know what's good for you.

"the corpse of electroclash"

dont make me hoodwink you

the pauly d project

now that the jersey shore has run seaside heights into the ground, it is time for the spin offs! Snookie and J-Woww are supposed to have one, and here is a look at DJPaulyD's version. His friends look like real losers, and I can't help but miss Vinny.


you think you're ballin' cuz you got a blog.

keekerz speakerz

ava luna is an emerging brooklyn band, that just released their first album, ice level. i really love this'n.
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