04 January 2011

puppies take care of a kitteh


stephen dorff talks britney and everytime

what an excellent idea. i'd like to watch a frame by frame analysis of all of britney's old hits. via.

tweet! im a bird! gawk!

this crazy eyed falcon was stuck in an east village airshaft. thankfully the birdie was rescued and is now resting comfortably. via.

auburn is in the news again!

oh...and it involves the "N" word. but not like you would expect!!! an auburn university professor, along with newsouth books, is planning to publish a sanitized version of mark twain's huckleberry finn. in an effort to make the book more accessible to contemporary audiences, the word "nigger" will be replaced with slave. oh dear.

nytimes loves daphne guiness too

they think she is so cool. and they're right. i love weird rich people.
daphne guiness, fashion's wild child

the IRS has an announcement!

WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service kicked off the U.S. tax filing season, announcing on Tuesday that taxpayers will have until April 18, 2011, to file their 2010 returns and pay their tax bills because of a holiday on April 15. (via)

escalator FAIL.

try not to cry.

one day i'm gonna whistle? (via)

internet rumors

according to the internet, 2Pz fave gwyneth paltrow might perform "fuck you" with cee-lo on snl this week. and just when i had given up watching that show!

remember how awesome she was on glee? who's going to see country strong this weekend? raise your hand.

top 40, sweet cheeks.

boardwalk empire process

over christmas vacation, i watched the entire first season of boardwalk empire at my parents' house. i really liked it! i can't wait for season 2. here's a little peek into their process of creating all the old-timey stuff. its really mesmerizing.

bonus links:
the show's boardwalk set lives in greenpoint, brooklyn. (and now i do, too!)
want to know what else is filming in brooklyn?

does anyone know where that crazy suburban-y neighborhood where the poor people live is, irl?

snowpocalypse movie.

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