28 November 2011

i know i hyperbolize a lot here...

...but i want you to think long and hard before watching this without 4-5 tissues in your hand.
Forty male beagles raised inside a lab in Spain arrived in Los Angeles last week where they will be put up for adoption after being freed from captivity by the Beagle Freedom Project.
The rescue mission is the largest yet for the group Animal Rescue Media Education (ARME). A total of 72 dogs were rescued in the effort, 32 of them having already been adopted in Europe, according to NBC Los Angeles. (via)
thx leigh anne!

grimes - vanessa

indisputable proof that bulldogs are completely mizz.

this feature in the new york times proves once and for all what most of us have always known:

In January 2009, Adam Goldfarb of the Humane Society of the United States told The Augusta Chronicle that bulldogs, often referred to as English bulldogs, are the “poster child for breeding gone awry.” The article came in response to a scathing British documentary, “Pedigree Dogs Exposed,” that highlighted the health and welfare problems of purebred dogs and claimed that breeders and the Kennel Club (the British equivalent of the American Kennel Club) were in denial about the extent of the problem.
“There is little doubt that the anatomy of the English bulldog has considerable capacity to cause suffering,” Dr. Nicola Rooney and Dr. David Sargan concluded in one of the reports, “Pedigree Dog Breeding in the U.K.: A Major Welfare Concern?” “The breed is noted to have locomotion difficulties, breathing problems, an inability to mate or give birth without assistance. . . . Many would question whether the breed’s quality of life is so compromised that its breeding should be banned.”
it goes on and on and on.

Uga VII didn’t appear to relish his mascot duties. Unlike his father, Uga VI, who was loud and boisterous and enjoyed chasing after the school’s costumed bulldog mascot, Hairy Dawg, Uga VII seemed most comfortable in the back corner of his doghouse — or, better yet, outside the stadium entirely. A few minutes before halftime, Seiler’s adult son, Charles, led the dog off the field by a leash to a waiting golf cart. Uga VII hopped on, and a young woman drove us out the stadium’s back service entrance, up a hill, around some bends to an unspectacular patch of grass that doubles as the dog’s game-day bathroom. When the cart came to a stop, Uga VII bounded off it and spent the next few minutes happily sniffing the grass, urinating on a tree and defecating behind a bush.
When the dog was done, Charles ordered us all back on the cart. “All right, let’s go,” he said, and before I knew it, we were speeding back toward Sanford Stadium, Uga VII’s droppings (Charles didn’t pick up after him) a reminder to all that the world’s most famous mascot was here — and that celebrity dogs, like their human counterparts, get to play by different rules.
But Uga VII’s celebrity life would be short-lived. Six months later, while lounging at home, he died of heart failure. He was 4 years old.
bless his heart. smokey doesn't defecate, jicyww.

thx anonymous tipper (and resident animal expert)!!!

for everyone

worth watching all of it, but if you get bored, skip on up to 1:40 or so.

2Pz christmas list

someone get these for me plz!

thx g.

for john


for joel


what's thomas wilhelm getting for christmas?

christmas comes early to gpp!

2 QT. Multi-function Pan

"This thoughtfully designed two-in-one saucepan features a lid that doubles as a frying pan, bringing space-saving functionality and cast iron performance to even the most crowded kitchens."

Shown here in Fennel, in my office.

indisputable proof of global warming

look at new york, finally catching a break for once.

meek mill internet rabbit hole

He's a part of Rick Ross's (#rickrossgrunt) Mayback Music label.

He also tweets ridiculous photos.

That's an stretch armored car. Get it? Like they have lots of money...
He got a typo tattooed on his chest.


this woman has a kitty-phobia! and a sassy sister!

"he would get me if he could." words to live by.

your daily ri ri

ri-ri at home. "you just got to have the sickest, illest balance." words to live by.

welcome to the party, nymag.

you're not really that late.
Here, for the uninitiated, is the timeline of 20-year-old Harlem rapper and mp3 blog darling Azealia Banks's rise to fame: Her delightfully raunchy breakout track, "212," hit YouTube sometime back in September, then was pulled owing to a sample dispute. Banks hit CMJ and started giving interviews about feminine power in the interim, and then right before Thanksgiving, the "212" video popped back up online. A day later, NME declared Banks the No. 1 Coolest Person on the Planet. (Predictably, some other British outlets chimed in to claim they'd discovered Azealia first. Relax, U.K.) The La Guardia High School graduate still doesn't have a record deal — she tells Pitchfork she's "not really scared of major labels" and is about to sign — and her first album won't drop until next year. But she's suddenly everywhere, thanks in no small part to the adorable, swaggerific "212" video, available for your viewing pleasure below. Watch her sass a Harry Potter hipster! See her Mickey Mouse sweatshirt! (via)
did you know she went to the same high school as nicki minaj?!?  in two months, i'll post the new york times article.


(i found this pre-made on the internet, i swear.)
turkey day has come and gone, and now it's time for cHriStmAsSssSss!!!

joel and i slaved and slaved and made you a 2Pz christmas playlist on spotify.

we hope you <3 <3 LoVe <3 <3 it!!

this is the best version i could find

Steve Johnson of the buffalo bills scores on the jets and then celebrates by mocking Plaxico Burress and then the jets. Burress, as you may recall, was out at a club and shot himself in the leg. Because Johnson went to the ground during his td dance, the bills were charged a 15 yard penalty. The jets won the game in part because of the ensuing touchdown...

woody allen mondays

I watched the first half of a really good documentary about Woody Allen and his movies. I love this opening sequence.

nerd alert, American Masters on PBS is also made a doc about Charles and Ray Eames jicyww.

sneezy corgi

and his name is pepper. can you believe it!

what it's like.

no spoilers from tonight's "mid-season finale" or anything, don't worry.
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