10 July 2014

so angela bassett is going to direct yaya from #antm in a new whitney houston biopic

the nytimes is obsessed with pies in memphis

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Some travelers will tell you the best way to get to know a town is by spending time in its bars or coffee shops. Not me. I go by the crumb. I’m always on the lookout for pie, a national theme with regional variations. Memphis convinced me my guided-by-sugar mode of tourism is a sound one.

the mockingjay lives.


elle varner (feat. a$ap ferg) - dont wanna dance

@kidfury told me to listen to this, and i'm really glad i did.

joel, i recommend it to you personally.

watch this video from Anushka

martha stewart's country estate

a member of her security detail took these photos from a remote controlled drone that was flying around giving us a view of the estate never before seen.
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