01 March 2012

keep em comin'

thx starla!

inventing a new pastime at GPP

dave and i just came up with a way to make watching jeopardy after work way better: drinking jeopardy, oc. here are the rules:
everyone playing has a beer supply and a shot glass. fill up your shot glass with beer while you determine an order of play. the questions will rotate, with players taking turns answering. if the player answering does so correctly, the other players down their beer shot. if the player answers incorrectly, he or she takes the shot. 
for example, if dave, joel and i are playing, i'll go first (because i'm a lady). i will play along with the tv, and answer the first question. i will undoubtedly crush it, and dave and joel will drink.
now you're going to want to pause, so those losers can refill. now, it's joel's turn. he's really good at trivia, so he'll nail it, also, which means dave and i will drink. 
pause. refill. play. and so on.
on daily doubles: whomever's turn it is answers the same as always. however, this time, whoever has to drink has to finish their beer, regardless of how full or empty. this is left up to daily durble fate. 
for final jeopardy: everyone answers by writing down in secret. at the end of the jeopardy song, everyone reveals their answer. then the tv players reveal theirs, then alex tells us who was right. and if you are wrong....
...well, you just go on and chug a whole beer, idiot. GAME OVER.
we'll let you know how it goes tonight. if you decide to play along, send us pixies!!

bonus link : look at this fucking jeopardy contestant

ssion at highline ballroom tomorrow night

SSION - My Love Grows in the Dark (Official Video) from Dovecote Records on Vimeo.

DJV said he was afraid of clowns or something so he doesn't want to go. Who wants to go with me? INFO

Referring to the old John Waters adage asserting that entertainment is inseparable from bad taste, few bands exercise that sentiment to the extent that does Ssion. Ssion (pronounced "shun") is a 10-years-strong art-punk dance, design, and film collective from Kansas City, Missouri, headed by Cody Critcheloe. The group has gained notoriety not only for its gay-disco-meets-punk-rock musical stylings, but also for its outrageous stage shows and videos, which incorporate a harem of dancers and backup singers, comically cheap homemade props, supersized video projections, over-the-top costumes and makeup, and a visual sense of wonder recalling something between the twisted humor of Pee Wee's Playhouse and Madonna's Blond Ambition.

little leaping lamb

via flim

happy birthday, justin bieber!

18 bears old!!!

taylor swift ))<>(( tim tebow

are pooping back and forth forever.
A romance may be brewing between Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow and country songstress Taylor Swift. Page Six reported that Tebow was the toast of a pre-Oscars bash on Friday night, where he spent some time chatting up Swift. The pair then had dinner Monday night at Toscanova Italian restaurant in Century City. (via)
i haven't felt this way since i heard JFK's speech on the separation of church and state.

tim riggins on letterman

good story, tim.


RIP andrew breitbart

weird. want to see his last tweet?
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