11 November 2011

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dubai still exists

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who is replacing fergie in the black eyed peas?

You probably heard that Fergie is leaving the Black Eyed Peas to focus on her family. There were rumors swirling for a minute that Ashanti was being called up from the minor leagues to replace her, but basically everyone now agrees that was never going to happen. So if the group does want to stay together, who should step in for Mrs. Duhamel?

 1) Ciara -Her solo career is way under the radar at the moment. She just left / was dropped by her record label because they couldn't / wouldn't promote her new album. It is very clear that she has a hip hop sound that can move a solid single. She would be good for the job and probably needs it.

 2) Nicole Scherzinger -Like recent Ciara, Nicole (from the pussycat dolls) has had some trouble getting her solo work noticed. She has a proven track record in a group, but she did just get that new job on X Factor as a judge with Simon Cowell. Maybe she will be looking for an excuse to jump off that sinking ship.

 3) Cristina Milian -She is still kicking around. There is some evidence from about a decade ago that she can make good music. Like Nicole though, she just got a new television job as the on-air social media correspondent on The Voice

4) Willow Smith younger crowd, and the approval of the all powerful Xenu

 5) Zombie Aaliyah -dig her up. if human reanimation becomes possible, i want Aaliyah to be the first one that comes back.

 6) Lil' Mama -her lip gloss be poppin. it doesn't really seem like she would get along very well with will.i.am.not. though.

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i made a spotify playlist for your consideration.
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