21 October 2010

an elephant having a great time

in former british prime minister news

have you ever caught yourself wondering if former british prime minister margaret thatcher is dead or alive?

dont worry, just bookmark this website:


scream 4 teaser trailer

i think the tagline reads: watch the death of courteney cox and david arquette's relationship.

street art by JR

JR works mainly in slums around the world—Brazil, Cambodia, and Kenya, for example—transforming the buildings in poor neighborhoods with huge, blown-up photographs of the residents plastered to the exterior. In some cases, the pictures serve as building material—in Kenya, the vinyl photographs became new, waterproof roofs for the residents' homes. via

it feels like a mariah carey day

murfreesboro racists aren't convinced islam is a religion


texas rape vitcim kicked off cheerleading squad

because she wouldnt cheer when the basketball player that raped her was shooting freethrows.


my name is boo. do you want to touch?

i have a facebook if you want to keep in touch! via.

gwenyth sent me an email to say...


an online continuous multiplayer scrabble game. something for you to do in your freetime. click here. via.
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