28 February 2011

i missed this and im soooo sad

found on etsy

ceeeyute! thx sarasharp!

ctm anti-semites

TEHRAN, Iran -- Iran objects to the logo for the 2012 London Olympics, contending it is racist because it resembles the word "Zion" and warning of a possible boycott of the Games.

They are urging other Muslim states to oppose the "racist logo."

I don't like the logo because it's ugly, but since you all know how much I like to incite hatred (being a conservative and all), I think I'll start liking it.


will schuster released a solo single. and it is gross!

lady gaga : born this way

she still can't dance. thoughts?

hunker DOWN boro!

my mom just said the tornaduh sirens are are going off in the boro!

swiperboy mixtape LEAKED

he's the one who told me about it, so i don't think he'll mind if you listen to it early.

the oh-scars.


Oscars Real Time: Oprah!


what were your favorite moments?


after a 4-day poll, america has illustrated what we all already knew:

only slightly more than half of 2Pz readers are willing to tolerate bun-bun's antics.

thanks to everyone who participated. bunners is safe for now, but he knows what will happen if he steps out of line again. and don't forget to enter the hottest competition on the internet, america's next 2Pz top blog shot!


...the st. louis cervix!

the winner of the recent competition to (re) design the urban parkspace at the foot of saarinen's arch. thx midge!

27 February 2011



getting ready for the oscars tonight

james franco is sleeping with kitties.

America's Next Top 2Pz Blog Shot!

While America decides the fate of Bun-Bun (vote in the poll if you dare), we would like to announce a new internet reality competition to find our next star correspondent.

You know that old saying, "I'm tired of living next to the garden of eden, I want to live in it." Well here is your chance! 2PzNaPpod is about to host the biggest internet contest ever imagined. Best Rihanna Praise, Most Elaborate Use of Metaphor, Best Brunch Pictures, The Thomas Wilhelm Crude Humor Award; through a short series of blogging challenges, the best of the best will be divined and losers will be cast off.

If you or someone you know wants to write on the best blog that reads itself, email 2PzNaPpod@gmail.com and we will activate your posting privileges in advance of a series of zany challenges. Readers will decide your fate and only one will be, America's Next Top 2Pz Blog Shot!

where babies belong


25 February 2011

i dont want to be banned

please accept this nose pat of peace

help jordan become famous!

our friend jordan submitted an entry for conan's fan-written twitter bio, and he's in the final FOUR! please take one second to hop over here and cast a vote for:

"The voice of the people. Sorry, people." by @likover


heidi the cross-eyed oscar-predicting german opossum!

best idea ever.

hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.... DANCE.


uh oh.

look what barack said when he was running for prezzy:
"And understand this: If American workers are being denied their right to organize and collectively bargain when I'm in the White House, I'll put on a comfortable pair of shoes myself, I'll walk on that picket line with you as President of the United States of America. Because workers deserve to know that somebody is standing in their corner." (via)

24 February 2011

i'm ok, everyone!

A rush-hour accident inside the Lincoln Tunnel involving a motorcycle and four three commuter buses caused at least 15 people to be hospitalized and created substantial traffic delays Thursday morning, according to New York Fire Department and Port Authority officials.

The accident occurred around 7:25 a.m. in the Manhattan-bound center tube of Lincoln Tunnel. The motorcyclist, who suffered a broken femur and shoulder, ended up pinned underneath one of the buses, officials said.

Authorities were still piecing together what caused the accident. The collision happened in lanes that were dedicated for buses only, according to an official.

A total of 51 passengers on the buses — two NJ Transit buses and a Monsey Trails bus — were treated for injuries. Officials said 14 of the passengers were taken to Roosevelt Hospital. The motorcyclist was taken to Bellevue Hospital.

The accident shut down part of the Lincoln Tunnel and caused delays of about 90 minutes for those entering the city through the tunnel, officials said. New Jersey Transit bus service reported delays of up to 45 minutes to Port Authority but said buses were no longer being diverted away from the tunnel. (via)
let that be a lesson to all of you. don't ride your motorcycle in the XBL. (that's eXclusive bus lane, jicdak)

shit is goin down in knoxville

as y'all probz heard, the ncaa gave the volunteers a list of wrongdoings yesterday. there aren't really any new allegations, and bruce has already been punished by the school and the sec. chances are the ncaa won't get us too bad since the penalties are already more than what jim calhoun just got at uconn. we might lose a scholarship, but ho needs it when you get both pat and bruce's sons as walk ons? i think, like pat forde thinks, that mike hamilton should be held accountable in this. i'm pretty sure bruce will only be leaving on his own accord though. and lane kiffin is a douchebag. we also learned that georgia is still envious of the vols and will always be inferior.

a whole tree full.

thx g!


did you read?

has everyone been following this in. sane. pirate story? the times has a piece today that gives a lot of confusing details about what really happened on board those americans' yacht.

Somali pirates interviewed Wednesday said something must have gone very wrong in the case of the Quest, since killing hostages is bad for business and is almost certain to draw a more aggressive response from countries like the United States. “We don’t kill hostages,” said a pirate in Hobyo who gave his middle name as Hassan. “We have many hostages here, and we treat them well. But the pirates might have been angered by the Americans.”

The person in contact with pirate cells said a gun fight had broken out below deck on the Quest, likely over money or the hostages’ fate. American officials theorize this may have been the case. Five minutes after the pirates fired a rocket-propelled grenade at the Sterett, and small arms fire erupted, 15 Navy SEAL commandos stormed the yacht. The hostages were dead or dying. American officials said it was unclear whether they had been executed or killed in the pirates’ cross-fire. Other pirate hostages have died in captivity or during rescue attempts, but there are few, if any, cases of pirates intentionally killing hostages.

The commandos shot and killed one pirate and stabbed another. Two other pirates were found dead, apparently killed by their comrades, and 13 surrendered to the Americans. (via)

new yorkers for marriage equality

the HRC recently launched a celebrities-on-youtube campaign to support the fight for marriage equality in the state of new york. george bush's daughter even did one! see them all here.

here's a headline for you.

Liberals in charge of the liberal blog 2PzNaPpod just passed a vote to prohibit hateful conservative correspondent Bun-Bun's right to post on 2PzNaPpod

vote in the poll above, and seal bun-bun's fate.

democrats successfully take away your right to choose

"In Indiana, Democrats successfully killed a Republican bill that would have prohibited union membership from being a condition of employment by leaving the state on Tuesday."

from this story on huffpost (you can trust me, i read the liberal ones, too)

a little tip.

if you haven't checked out pj harvey's new album, let england shake, i higly recommend you do so. she sings about history and war and england and america. it is 11 biscuits, i'm telling you.

here's a recent fresh air interview.

shit is getting embearassing in the midwest.

idiot republican exploiting state budget concerns to push conservative anti-union values by stripping labor rights from the hard-working people of wisconsin, scott walker, got punked by a prank caller this week, who was (barely) imitating conservative rich guy and political donor, david koch.

during the call, walker outlines all of his dubious strategies for tricking the runaway democrats into unwillingly participating in the vote, describes methods of bending laws in order to charge them with felonies, and expresses excitement at the mention of a free trip to california paid for by koch if his efforts are successful. i am not a fan of politicians acting like a bunch of babies, but i have an even bigger problem with said politicians being in the pockets of energy corporations. so i say: scott walker, you're busted. now, quit playin' and open up talks in the interest of finding some sort of compromise, so everyone can get back to work.

shit is goin down in the midwest

democrats from wisconsin and indiana have both fled their state to the ussr illinois avoid voting on bills that would take powers away from unions. what a shit show. i am not a fan of unions being able to force workers to join and pay dues, so i say get back to your state and accept defeat. if the people want to keep being forced to join unions, then they can vote that way in november. that's why we have elections.

that lady gaga post reminded me of...

which reminded me of...

look at these idiots.


apropos of nothing


23 February 2011


mugler's new womanity

nicola formichetti (house of gaga) teases new collection for mugler

shit is going down in libya

and bahrain and egypt. ya herd. qaddafi is so weird. and a terrorist.

someone call the fashion police.

glee was awesome last night.

they got drunk.

and sang ke$ha.

old white dudes get pwned.

this is pretty old news, but i just got around to watching. congresswoman jackie speier (d-ca) shares her personal abortion story, and makes a wonderful point about the way republicans behave themselves.

stream lykke li's new album


little franco.

james franco's brother stars in this music video for the cults' 'go outside', along with some dumb bitch that's related to julia roberts.

22 February 2011

work - ciara ft missy elliot

ive decided that ciara didn't get enough attention when this song came out. WERK! WERK! WERK! WERK! WERK!

now ciara is begging to be david archuleta'd from jive because they don't support her work and wouldn't play it on the radio. read her plea here.

it's oh-scar season.


thx leigh anne via lillywhite!

21 February 2011

guess what i bought!

A bb gun. it's the coolest. I am official now.

well? what do you think?

biebs got a haircute. i think he looks adorbz.

brb outside : austin!

as many of you know, i spent last weekend in the happiest place on earth: austin, texas. i had never been, and my hosts, jeff, hank, and erin baker mooney gave me a wonderful tour. we spent most of our time eating, drinking, and relaxing outdoors. i even got a little bit of a suntan! here are some pixies.
the view from the mooneys'.
 this is hank. he is a goldendoodle, and he will carry his own leash.
 this is how he rides in cars.
this is a picture of him jumping for a stick in zilker park, which is one of his favorite places.
 south congress street is a really cute part of town, featuring lots of boutiques, restaurants, bars, etc.
 food truck park on south congress. what are you lookin' at, glasses?
 i had a chicken-fried avocado for lunch at doc's.
 this is a really great shirt that i found at storyville.
 a mural inside home slice pizza, which erin constructed pretty much by herself.
the austin motel.
not on congress, but still. look at that.
austin is very dog-friendly, which means hank gets to come to happy hour, this time at clive.
hank shares a stick with his friends jake and ruby.
jeff had a little dinner table accident at polvos : before (notice the precarious perch)
after. ;(
 hank at the pool.
 hank at brunch at austin java.
 hank on one of his favorite trails.
and finally, hank swimmin'!

are you jelly? i thought you would be. i have a few more pixies right here.

extra special thx to the mooneys for providing such a nice vacation. i'll be back very soon!

solo beth ditto

nicolette showed me this video. it. is. awesome.

rihanna + drake + kanye killing it


three cheers to the NBA for a halftime show done right!

zach anner meets oprah

we've talked about zach anner in the past. he is now onw of the final three contestants left on the reality show where the prize is your show on OWN. zach is obviously the best, as seen here in this clip where he meets oprah. via.

what is jazzy doing?

looking aMAZing! thx mom!

daily ri ri

Yesterday Rihanna turned 22.

Happy BEARthday Rihanna! I wish you all the blessings and continued success that you could hope for!
On her special day she performed at the NBA all-star game, and then cut up with J-Biebs during the game.
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