21 February 2012

i want a brussels griffon named rascal

a rescue one though

spank rock (feat. santigold) - car song

i think you'll like this.

"veep" on hbo.

premieres april 22. totes gonna watch that.

"girls" on hbo

premieres april 15. totes gonna watch that.

you will never guess who's back...

SisTeRs wItH VoiCeS!!!

big ang does marilyn!

you're aaalllll welcome!

thx joey! (not the mean one)

wall of complimentz

Jenny: 2pz has been KILLING IT
me: oh yeah?
Jenny: its like every single post is my favorite
as long as no sports ones come up
me: right
Jenny: its so fun for me and me alone
you're welcome!!!

joel wants that.


Is it summer yet? down south edition

 Updates from Memphis coming soon. In the mean time, remember summer?

nicki you spit crazy

the talent is there even without the production, but that doesnt mean i don't appreciate the glitz.

i almost forgot!

happy mardi gras!!

celebrate by listening to my favorite lil wayne song.

daryl and jared.


what it's like.

bard shout out!

used to be.

manhattan bridge, 1914. a funeral following the battle of veracruz.

can you name them all?

that's fine, internet.

there are a lot of animals to share today. let's get started.
is it summer yet?
for joel.
follow this tumblr!

can you name them all?


yes plz.

kitty or burrito?

new music tuesday.

well, of course we need to address the most obvious thing. here's rihanna's collaboration with ex-bf / abuser chris brown. i heard on hot 97 that they're actually back together. both this news and this re-working of 'birthday cake' are disappointing. i had high hopes, but this extended version is underwhelming. that being said, i'm sure i'll still be dancing to it at the 6th annual international cornhole tournament. (it's coming....)

here's another track from santigold. i'm glad she's back.

and here's everybody being impersonated on SNL. kristen wiig nails it.

and finally, listen to grimes's new album on spotify!

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