03 September 2010

kismet and isabella in lurve

"kismet, tell us how you really feel."

daily ri ri



Workers who suffered a spell of unemployment during Great Recession are, on average, less satisfied with their new jobs than workers who didn't. They are more likely to consider themselves over-qualified for their current position. (via)

david bowie friday!

david bowie - starman

us open fight!!!


keekerz speakerz

dave sitek (of tv on the radio) has a new side project. it's called maximum balloon, and its mostly a lot of collaborations, and also mostly dance music. i'm pretty excited about it. have a listen to the first single, called "tiger".

finally, a REAL college football video.

i could watch us beat the s out of georgia for hours. and hours.

one time i looked, at a diamond. and it gave me a sunburn.

i just love this. thx tanya!


thx lilly! for everything.
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