31 July 2014

also good.

archaeological dilemma

Unbroken Seal on the Third Shrine, January 1924
Harry Burton (English, 1879–1940)
The Egyptian Expedition of The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Gelatin silver print; 9 x 6 in. (22.9 x 15.2 cm)
(TAA 622)

At the beginning of January 1924, the gold shrines surrounding the sarcophagus of Tutankhamun were opened, one after another. The double doors of the first shrine were closed only with sliding bolts of ebony, but the second and third shrines had been secured with elaborately tied ropes that bore clay seals stamped with impressions of the necropolis seal—a crouching jackal over nine bound captives.
Burton's photograph of this uncut seal perfectly conveys the conflicting feelings of archaeological discovery. On the one hand, excitement, even impatience to see what is behind the sealed doors. On the other hand, hesitation and regret at having to cut a rope that someone so carefully tied and sealed more than thirty-three centuries ago.
Simple rope and a clump of clay impressed with seals promised that the treasures within this shrine had remained inviolate since the pharaoh's burial. Once the seal was broken to allow the archaeologists access, only Burton's photograph could evoke its original talismanic power and eloquently testify to the archaeologist's eternal dilemma: as the excavation and tomb clearing reveal things hitherto unseen, it also forever removes them from their undisturbed state.

yeah thats good

this ebola outbreak makes me want to watch "outbreak"


Throwback Thursday to our long-time companion - the studio desk. We welcome new furniture to the studios this fall, but say adieu with love. At the request of nostalgic alums, some of these desks are available for purchase. Proceeds will go to support student activities. #tbt

SYTYCD round-up


and this

and THIS.

janelle monae - electric lady

t-boz is in this, among others.


the de blasios did some redecorating at ol' gracie mansion.



30 July 2014

song of the summer?

 i like it! what do you think?

All About That Bass by Nashville artist Meghan Trainor.

i didn't know thomas wilhelm was an indian athlete

(kylie, joel: did i do that right?)

also this kid's voice is the best little kid voice EVAH

worlds collide

and hearts burst.

29 July 2014

i want that.

balloon by giorgia zanellato.

speaking of apocalypses for buildings

The towers are oddly beloved by many people, especially architects, but the demolition serves as great theater. The three towers all collapse at once, and smoke rings bellow out of the top in the slow motion reel. While it's not the only time people have gathered to watch a demolition, the erasure of these cooling towers is particularly eerie, as they bring to mind apocalyptic images of nuclear meltdown. (via)
i recommend pushing play on "the voyager" and watching all the videos.

nErD aLeRt!

here's a cute collection of iconic museums in apocalyptic states.

go to the nearest blockbuster or hollywood video to watch the original mad max and the tina turner thunderdome so youre ready for this insane movie next year.


28 July 2014


have you watched "what about bob?" lately?

it's a great summer classic.

azealia banks - heavy metal and reflective


still 34 days.

what did starla do this weekend?


"are you fighting katniss? are you here to fight with us?" "i am. i will."

speaking of lisa frank, jenny lewis is a former sticker girl, natch

read this nymag interview

one thing you must do today is to watch this lisa frank video

spotted, on the UT strip

34 days!

25 July 2014

6 weekends left of summer

so you know, carpe diem

bryan safi on "game of thrones"

sarah palin's got a point.

just kidding, she doesn't.

this video is insane and hilarious.


watch out for snakes in the lake this weekend!

24 July 2014

valentines day?

if you enjoy sleeping soundly at night without nightmares, don't listen to @netflix

fortnightly SYTYCD

hey guys. i did some SYTYCD catchup the other night, and wanted to share this number, which was an unlikely favorite of mine, given the broadway genre.

here is the same pair doing a hip-hop number this week.  i like it too!

and while this number didn't really do it for me, i was really into this young money song called "senile". it led me to listen to this album, which is pretty great.

parking critic vandal tags queens


23 July 2014

look at this sandwich

that's a chik-fil-a chicken sammy in a red lobster cheddar bay biscuit.

i just thought you might want to know this

22 July 2014

a couple of movies i want to see

fire twister!!!

dead PSH.

govies island, before-times

gothamist has a collection of photos from governors island before the city bought it back for us. it had a burger king and everything.



if you don't watch any other episode of any other housewives franchise, make sure you watch tonight's episode of the real housewives of new york. because THIS. IS. HAPPENING.

someone (or some THING) put these two faded out American flags on the Brooklyn Bridge piers overnight and the NYPD just removed them

more info here

happy bearth-die

to me...

21 July 2014

think of a british actor you like, then watch them in this trailer

thomas wilhelm continnues his reign of terror

a snake at his lake house AND in washington square park? that can't be a coincidence.

GoT nerd stuff

there's one for every state. i like how hunger games-y ours is.

have you guys been watching beyonce's concert clips on HBO?

Beyonce X10: Get Me Bodied (Live At The Mrs... by hdbey1000
they're all on HBOgo.

robyn & royksopp - do it again

De Thurah told Dazed, "I worked with the idea of 'what is our heart's desire?' – and I realised that no one in the world truly gets to live out their passions. We are all under some construct, whether you're an atheist living in Denmark or a gay person in Russia." (via)

listen to the new jenny lewis

right here.

18 July 2014

read this caity weaver joint

its about the time she went to the sheepshead bay TGI Fridays to test out their "endless apps" promotion:
I tell her I would like to order the unlimited mozzarella sticks. She tells me that, according to the restrictions of the promotion, I will only be permitted to receive unlimited quantities of one item, for example: barbecue boneless buffalo wings. I tell her I would like to order the unlimited mozzarella sticks. (via)

st vincent teaches david letterman a thing or two


i would go back in time to Lagos in the 60s

Half of a Yellow Sun's Urbane Outfitter on Nowness.com

17 July 2014

damn UT, you wrong for calling this a renovation

elaine stritch on the fourth hour

melissa, i think you could do it.


pour yourself a vodka gimlet tonight in honor of the late elaine stritch

no thank you.



here i am at graceland too, just after Paul McLeod pointed a loaded gun on me

here is melissa at graceland too, terrified

Graceland Too is over, Paul McLeod is dead!

he killed someone in his home tuesday.

16 July 2014

oh my g-d.


fUTuRE fOnTz

you should read this article detailing google's year-and-a-half long process of designing the font of the future, intended for true cross-platform use. its called rOBoTo!

MU$☝☾ M☝NUT€ W/ M$D∆NG€L$ - Catey Shaw - "Brooklyn Girls"

I just love this song.

MU$☝☾ M☝NUT€ W/ M$D∆NG€L$ - Magic Hands - "Limousine"

here is the latest episode of sound advice

successful people...

kate mckinnon is a weirdo irl.

and i LIKE it.

here is the cat sketch:

it's wednesday. feel better.

15 July 2014

your fortnightly boat

TOOT TOOT PRISON SHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111

there is a such thing as a floating prison and the largest one in the world lives in the bronx, serving as (maybe) another place for the COs at rikers to beat the daylights out of mentally ill people. 

i don't know.

a day in the life of a taxicab

"NYC Taxis: A Day in the Life" charts the data of "one random NYC yellow taxi on a single day in 2013." The interface shows viewers the start of a trip, end of a trip, and all the time spent in between, in addition to the amount of money made following tolls, tips and the MTA's tax. (via)

joel and i both thoroughly enjoyed this surprisingly interesting fresh air interview re: fish murder

if ya need something to listen to.

the hotwives of orlando

read this.

kristen schaal, et al. brian moylan endorsed. all episodes came out on hulu today!

MU$☝☾ M☝NUT€ W/ M$D∆NG€L$ - "Queen" by Perfume Genius

"new album ‘Too Bright’ will be released Sept 22nd"

couple a other vidz

lykke li - gunshot

sharon van etten - our love

daily ri-ri

maybe a day late but here she is partying with team germany.

thx phil!

jenny lewis - just one of the guys

this video is chock-full of lady celebs. enjoy!

14 July 2014

faith just gave me an idea

(ice cream samwiches)

what will AHS : freakshow look like?


update: well i guess this is fan-made, which explains why i don't know who that person is.

11 July 2014



i hope you're all following gawker's "new york's best restaurant is:" series.

the two best gawker writers, caity weaver and rich juzwiak have been doing this series where they go to touristy restaurants in the city and tell us what they're like. the latest one was an all-drinking feature at the restaurant in the 5th avenue tommy bahama's store. here's an excerpt:
Rich: This idea of yours made me wonder if you've been regarding me with jealousy during our "Best Restaurant in New York" excursions, since I generally get a drink (fine, two drinks) and you never do. Are you envious of my champagne-sipping lifestyle?
Caity: Absolutely not. I love Diet Coke. Diet Coke is my favorite thing to drink. My second favorite thing to drink, I have recently learned, is "Coconut Cloud Martini" from the Tommy Bahama store on 5th Avenue. That was the first cocktail I ordered this afternoon, and I remember it like it was yesterday.
joel and thomas wilhelm and i are going to go if anyone feels like joining?

words collide

sharon van etten was on #tspod!

oh thank g-d.

beyonce + jay-z are turning their "on the run" tour into an HBO special so all the poors can enjoy it. i'll host the viewing party.

peep the deblasio family's free pile in front of their house

It’s a junky free-for-all outside the de Blasios’ home

not very impressive - really wish chiara would donate her witch's hat.

10 July 2014

so angela bassett is going to direct yaya from #antm in a new whitney houston biopic

the nytimes is obsessed with pies in memphis

click through

Some travelers will tell you the best way to get to know a town is by spending time in its bars or coffee shops. Not me. I go by the crumb. I’m always on the lookout for pie, a national theme with regional variations. Memphis convinced me my guided-by-sugar mode of tourism is a sound one.

the mockingjay lives.


elle varner (feat. a$ap ferg) - dont wanna dance

@kidfury told me to listen to this, and i'm really glad i did.

joel, i recommend it to you personally.

watch this video from Anushka

martha stewart's country estate

a member of her security detail took these photos from a remote controlled drone that was flying around giving us a view of the estate never before seen.

09 July 2014

MU$☝☾ M☝NUT€ W/ M$D∆NG€L$ - Young Lean - Yoshi City

Um - "Im a lonely clown with my windows down" - yeah

Somewhere between joke and brilliant is this 17 year old from Sweden who has been making a splash since spring of 2013 with his weird A$AP/Drake style music and super stylish videos.
Can't really tell how serious this whole thing is but it's kinda great no matter what - its the definition of "anyone can do it"

scrub scrub scrub

the big blue whale at the american museum of natural history got a bath yesterday, you guys.

on a related note, do you want to spend the night there without any pesky children running around?

jenny lewis - the voyager

this is VERY promising.

the brooklyn DA has decriminalized minor marijuana possession

so you don't have to do this anymore.


the war on drugs crushed letterman

sound advice w/ HAIM

but does it also mean 'she who parts hair in the middle'?

08 July 2014

a new movie offering a behind the scenes look at an architecture competition

The Competition. Trailer from OFFICE FOR STRATEGIC SPACES/OSS on Vimeo.


zac efron riding a horse through a lake

UPDATE: gol gol gol gol

{FIFA spoiler alert} This kid's Joel's reaction to the current status of the Brazil vs Germany game:

Germany just scored four five points in less than thirty minutes. Whoopsie Daisies. via keeks via the wire

this, this and this

 this, this AND this:

youtube classixxx

what did you have for lunch today?

faith, mike and i wanted to show you this video

are you smarter than a pre-kindergartener?

there's a new kindergarten test to get into elite nyc private schools, and it's pretty challenging. take the test here and post your result. 

03 July 2014

happy birthday to ALL of america

just how much america is there?

if you're not following @marniethedog on instagram, you're doing it all wrong.

@thomaswilhelm got the heads up from @lheirbeir last night.

president obama pats the USMNT on the back

bless their hearts.

the knowles-carters visited the kara walker

bey and blue wore matching dresses. just think about what it all means.

Tim Howard, the best goalie in the world, is memphis as fuck

kylie is the one who told me

i know what you're wondering.

jicydak, i sometimes dabble in SYTYCD, when the mood suits me. i've been watching this season, and this was my favorite number from last night, and why i will be listening to the commodores exclusively today.

the weather report

jason derulo is a fishy kween

right, mike?

02 July 2014

trey songz feat. juicy j - late night

i see what you did there.



kate middleton at wimbledon


read this article about new transit options in denver

apparently denver has been quietly making major investments in light rail and bus rapid transit infrastructure. this article is way less boring than it may sound.

01 July 2014

Introducing Chantal Biya!!!11

speaking of Dolly...this may be Cameroon's version, except that she isn't THAT kind of performer. But man o man can she put on a show. The hair speaks for itself:

even the pope wants that doo! for more photos and clever-er tag lines click here!
(ps. ms biya is the first lady of cameroon and  if she is reading she should know that i love her style. also, please do not send me to prison like you did to that other guy)

what's wrong with serena williams?

something is wrong.

today's spirit animal is...

...dolly parton playing a tiny saxophone!!