16 August 2011

happy bearthday melissa!

i love you so much!!!!


guess who made a BFD of wishing elvis presley a happy birthday today.

guess what else. today isnt even his bearthdie. its his deathday. way to rub it in, michele.

speaking of gyoosssiippp gyyuurrrlllll...


what is nike doing?

looking butch as hell.

lil jenny humphreys quits acting.

from an interview with elle:

ELLE: And any acting projects planned?
LJH: I quit acting, actually. I quit Gossip Girl and now tour and am in a band and that’s pretty much all I want to do. Hopefully I’ll be able to only do that for the rest of my life.

thx melissa!

gchatz w/ john

i am shuddering in disgust at how truly awful this video is. of course, it was produced by some idiots down at the university of alabama.

John: everyone in the comments is all, it's racist for white people to do rap parodies.
i was like, UGH
gawker readers. lay off it for once!
pick your battles
me: it is a little racist of them to put on backwards caps while rapping, though
John: it's a little racist to rap on UA's campus
i mean, i figured that was outlawed

#dighimup #amiright

what is yella bear doing?

recuperating from an exhausting weekend in the boro, where he met his uncle nike for the first time. they just wore each other out.

thx rachel!

"i didnt even get my 'to the lefts'"

here's an amazing moment from the opening night of beyonce's four-night too-expensive-for-me-and-joel-to-go-to concert stint at roseland. beyonce asked the crowd to join her for the chorus, but they surprise her by singing the whole verse. just adorable. GOD, i wish i was in the room!
(UPDATE : w2g. you missed it. ssssstupid.)

read a delightful nytimes review of the concert here.

watch mtv's 30-minute special, "year of 4", which documents the making of beyonce's latest album, here.

nErD aLeRt!

check out this old-timey spaceship house, the centerpiece of an exhibit of finnish architect matti suuronen's work at rotterdam's boijmans museum.
The bulbous curves of the handcrafted objects, which predated the Industrial Revolution, are followed by the raw geometry of early mass-manufactured products. As industrial production became increasingly sophisticated throughout the 20th century, designers were able to produce shapes that were aesthetically purer and structurally more complex. (via)

18 DAYS!

"every beat i rip, yeah, i tore in, no poole."

see what he did there?
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