09 October 2012


just two pups in a hole in the wall. thx flim.

tixt missahjezz

The first few minutes of this [very long] video are a real treat if you're okay with laughing at Australian accents.  Also, you tell those assholes guuuuuuurl!


lindsay lohan and a porn star in a new movie written by bret easton ellis

this is real

happy bearthdie bobama!!

4 bears old!!!!

maymo, you've stolen my heart.


it's an internet mystery

check out this katie vance namesakelganger that katie vance's doppelganger rachel cheek found!

what in g-d's name is going on!?!?


UPDATE! live feed:

a man is going to break the speed of sound by jumping out of a balloon in a space suit and falling TWENTY TWO MILES to the earth. he'll be in a free fall for more than 5 minutes. no thanks please

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