24 May 2012

let's go see that movie where nicole kidman pees on zac efron

It's safe to say that the press corps at Cannes was not used to such intense levels of Efronsploitation, since at the press conference afterward, a reporter hesitantly asked Efron how he felt about being so "determinedly eroticized." Efron mostly ducked the question, though Daniels wasn't one to mince words. "Eroticized? Eroticized?" he shouted. "He's good-looking! The camera can't help but love him. And I'm gay." via

what is hank doing?

just makin' a new friend at doggie daycare. THX ERIN!

me too

fifty states of grey


the northeast has the most readers, but the south mistakenly thinks its a good-ass book. why are they pointing at tennessee like that? clearly mississippi is worse, like always.

"man, i am somethin' else."

please step over here and watch this little pageant boy from toddlers & tiaras.

food for thought: hugging cat

my birthday is coming up

and for whatever reason THIS sweatshirt is only available in adult XL, which happens to be my sweatshirt size.

one of the only things i remember from architecture school

i'm pissed with jealousy.

ed droste of grizzly bear got to be a thing that maddie was on.

what are you doing on saturday night?

Backstage at Horror Drag is inspired by the real-life Filipino drag sensation Ryan Robles, the piece imagines a flourishing niche of Horror Drag performance and the community of people who give their lives to it, despite the nearly total lack of recognition or reward.

Short Form 2012 - 1 of 4 night of new work 10pm - $6 Downstairs at St. Marks - The Parish Hall

if you're in east nashville and you're in the mood for sausage, go see my cousin chris at porter road butcher


novak signs with uniqlo

breaking ties with former sponsor sergio tacchini, djokavic signed an endorsment deal with japanese staple-maker uniqlo. expect some boring new clothes that fit pretty well when he debuts at roland garros this weekend. more

what's thomas wilhelm doing this weekend.

the pretty girl rock, rock, rock
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