14 March 2011

puppies vs. kitties

jezebel answers march madness with a bracket of their own. dogs vs. cats!


this nerd takes over times square screens with his iphone.


SAMMI SWEETHEART!!!! (the sweetest bitch you'll ever meet.)

my parents adopted this new dog! my new brother's name is sammy. i've adapted it how i see fit. isn't he cute?!!

here he is guarding the house from squirrels. gamz4dayz!

and look at jazzy. none-too-pleased.

alright i have just got to show y'all this.

i hoped to wait until friday, but it is taking the internet by storm.

what do you think?!!?

oh no.

that meltdown that the japanese scientists were saying wasn't going to happen, might be.


bonus link : this article really helped me understand what the f is going on over there. sounds bad.


it's official. the tennessee basketvols somehow managed to earn a bid to the NCAA tournament. we are a 9-seed, and we'll be playing michigan in the first round on friday (time tba).

now, remember how much fun we all had competing against one another during last year's world cup? let's do it again!

CLICK HERE TO FILL OUT YOUR BRACKET and join the official 2Pz bracket group. the tournament starts thursday, so do it before then. good luck everyone!

UPDATE!! pool password : jazzykismet
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