28 January 2011

tennis - south carolina

the king's speech : real vs. fake

joel and i saw the king's speech yesterday. i'll let him give you the full review, but i'll tell you it was 11 biscuits!

it's not really a spoiler to tell you that the movie is about king george VI's stuttering problem. this is the real video of the speech depicted in the beginning of the film (seen in trailer below). the stammering really gets going around the 2:30 mark.


more rats riding subways.

this is just mildly amusing (not like last time), but i think it's important to keep track.

this is the best movie i've ever seen.

i've been bitten by the winchester goose!

218 days til football season!

want to see 109 pixies of kitties in sweaterz?

i thought so.

thx liz!

thomas wilhelm is going to LOVE this.

POOP there it is! get it!?


RIP jeff fisher

the coolest dude in all of coaching (besides derek dooley)  is leaving the titans. ;( read about all the drama here.
i'll accept this, if we can haz cam newton. ;)
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