17 March 2014

sia - chandelier

the internet is joking that sia just released rihanna's best song of 2014. if you don't get it, it is funny because sia writes songs for major pop stars including rihanna, and obviously this song would be so much better if she had let rihanna sing instead of releasing it herself. no shade.

a brooklyn recipe for nashville hot chicken

ive never made fried chicken before, but who wants to volunteer to experiment with me?? check out the recipe from peaches hothouse

europe is just a bunch of lines on a map

via watch the border change over the course of history. it never has quite settled down over there.

AHS season 4 : carnival edition

The rumors surrounding American Horror Story's next season were nearly correct, as writer Douglas Petrie confirms on the Nerdist Writers Panel podcast: "Yes. It doesn't have a title, but that's the idea. Very roughly, that's the idea." Yes, next season of American Horror Story will be set in a (spooky!) carnival. But not a spooky carnivale, because that was already a show. Those of you already afraid of deranged carnies? Choose a different show. (via)

do you recognize this man

if so, report his whereabouts immediately to starla because he is the suspect caught on surveillance video shooting 3 teenagers and a 12 year old in the legs in williamsburg. starla is our local neighborhood activist stopping news crews and tracking down information. does that look like thomas wilhelm to you? can anyone confirm his activities this weekend??? NEWS STORY

is it just me...

...or is gchat down? let's talk here.

look at sweet, silly chicago

there's a bunch of aerial river-dying photos here. bless their hearts.

there was a little earthquake in LA this morning


the more you know

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