31 March 2011

marlon brando :: over it

lets go see source code

jake's new movie directed by duncan bowie is the best reviewed studio film of the year so far. via.

chuck bass and his boyfriend at the knicks game.

they won, jicyww

ctm this guy


Poncho's tail never stops wagging

even when he is stuck in a sleeve.



The venomous Bronx Zoo Egyptian cobra that alarmed and delighted New Yorkers when it escaped from its enclosure was found today, ending a six day search for the celebrated snake.

The elusive snake was found "coiled, sort of secluded in a dark corner" about 9 a.m. a couple hundred feet away from the enclosure she had slipped out of, said Bronx Zoo Director Jim Breheny.

It was recovered by a Reptile House employee using "special tongs to grip the animal," Breheny said. (via)

my new single "my new single is droppin'" is droppin'

the video for katy perry's new single "ET" featuring kanye west just dropped! in related news, the song just claimed the #1 spot on itunes over lady gaga's "born this way".

what do you think?

song of the summer : candidate # 1

chris brown (feat. timbaland + big sean) - paper scissors rock


kid cudi is her favorite


puppy learns bark volume trick

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