31 May 2013

RIP Silky Sullivan

Silky Sullivan, the owner of the best bar on Beale Street has passed away. This guy was awesome and will definitely be missed.

2Pz Summer Reading List

there is only one book that everyone will be buzzing about this summer. don't be surprised if you see it sticking out of beach bags, tucked into picnic baskets, or in the hands of straphangers on the subway or bus.

Sum It Up, by Pat Head Summitt with Patty Jenkins is a must read. go get your copy today and let us know when you finish!

music minute with Ms.Dangles

from Memphis!

happy BEARthday Isabella!

3 human years old today.

we love you puppeh

24 May 2013




western conference finals - game 3 TONIGHT

Believe Memphis.
This is a sweet little article by Richard Alley about how everyone is welcome on the Memphis bandwagon.

This is a picture of my mom and some of her coworkers decked out for Grizzlies Day.

look how sweet

melissa decorated her coworker's office this morning to celebrate her 30th birthday. clears throat.

i mean...

who in the hell put that puppy in the room with that giant kitty

via The 7-year-old Dachshund's name is Milo, and his feline friend's name is Bonedigger. Apparently the two have been "inseparable" since Bonedigger was born five years ago. Milo has taken it upon himself to look after the lion, who was left "mildly crippled" by a metabolic bone disease.

mariah carey was a hot mess on GMA this morning

Rich Juzwiack at gawker just loved it and so did i.

23 May 2013

flim: "can we talk about this for a second?"

puppy dog or little baby bear cub?

this internet puppeh's pixie went a little viral when it was initially thought he was standing guard over the dead guy found in the nearest pile of rubble. but turns out, he was just waiting for his forever dad to find him. and he did!

22 May 2013

put your tissues away

this movie looks like it would be pretty funny

21 May 2013

git the tissues out.

you will never believe how this interview ends.

beyonce - grown woman

new single, click here.

17 May 2013

we were there - cellphone throwing scandal

Have you read about the theater critic who tossed a lady's cellphone across the room when she refused to stop texting during the show? You can read about it here or here or here or here or about a million other places on the internet.

If you have any other questions, you can ask me or Ms. Dangles because we were at that show! Mike's friend Dave wrote all the music and is a main performer. It is in a really cool pop-up cabaret style theater tucked under the Highline, across the street from the Standard. Anyway, we were seated about 10 feet away from those involved and I distinctly remember looking over my shoulder several times throughout the show because some drunk ladies were causing a commotion. We took to calling them the Real Housewives of NYC because it seemed like they were out for attention... the wrong kind of attention. I didn't see the slap, but I did see the woman charge down the stairs after her phone and immediately storm out through the performance space into the bar/ lobby. It is actually a great testament to the fortitude of the performers that they were able to continue seamlessly in the face of such a disruption. Go see it if you're ever in the mood for a Russian rock opera musical based on War and Peace and you want to eat dinner at a table with strangers and possible witness a battle in the ongoing cell phone culture war.

where the salmon at?

tony allen (as a celtic) shops at whole foods.

we don't bluff

DJ Paul who has some guns and an Oscar got together with his friend Drumma Boy and crafted this song that you are likely to hear over the PA system during Memphis home games in the Western Conference Finals. thx for the tip DJV

16 May 2013

15 May 2013

music minute with Ms. Dangles

Kelly Rowland finally gets around to releasing the song about being in Beyonce's shadow that everyone knew was coming eventually. via

someone in china is building a sim city arcology

and it is only going to take a few months. via.

that is one gay ass bridge.

minnesota just passed marriage equality, and minneapolis celebrated by doing this to one of their bridges. as the jalopnik writer points out:
"it looks like the final stage of mario kart."

14 May 2013

DJ Paul of Three Six Mafia instagrammed this amazing picture


did you see the steeplechase catfight?

i asked melissa if she had fun at steeplechase and she told me she didnt remember. check out clay travis' cat fight coverage.

twosie tuesdie #2

this time from melissa!

two lizards, one kit kat. she really freaks herself off, too.

twosie tuesdie!


internet truth

not knowing how to swipe your metrocard is my favorite.


solange (feat. kendrick lamar) - looks good with trouble

13 May 2013

someone (me) has a birthday coming up!

and i would look pretty cute in this babar shirt.

10 May 2013

nErD aLeRt!

he did it! rob bundy single-handedly saved the folk art museum!

just kidding, he barely did anything. but hopefully diller scofidio + renfro can fiyux it.
The Museum of Modern Art has commissioned Diller Scofidio + Renfro (DS+R) to design its controversial expansion that will overtake the former American Folk Art Museum in New York. This news comes after an intense backlash from prominent architects, preservationists and critics worldwide pressured MoMA to reconsider its decision to raze the iconic, Tod Williams and Billie Tsien-design museum in order to make way for its new expansion.
In response, DS+R has requested that MoMA gives them the “time and latitude to carefully consider the entirety of the site, including the former American Folk Art Museum building, in devising an architectural solution to the inherent challenges of the project,” as stated by Glenn D. Lowry, MoMA’s director, in a memo sent on Thursday to his trustees and staff. He added, “We readily agreed to consider a range of options, and look forward to seeing their results.” (via)

it's a bangladesh miracle!

the death toll topped 1000 people today, but they also pulled out a survivor:
In a stunning development out of Bangladesh, workers cleaning up the wreckage of a collapsed garment factory have found a woman still alive after more than two weeks trapped under the debris. The building collapsed on April 24, but rescuers long ago gave up any hope of finding more survivors. Even so, The Daily Star reports that a woman was heard moaning under the pile of rubble at around 3:15 p.m. local time and was pulled free about 40 minutes later. (via)

nErD aLeRt!

toot toooOOOooOoOooootttTtt!!!

guess who's finally 1776 feet tall!!


"does this help you figure it out?"

celebrities read mean tweets about themselves on jimmy kimmel. elizabeth moss wins, despite being a creepy scientologist.

gravity trailer

Gravity features George Clooney and Sandra Bullock—the only two credited cast members in the film—basking in the wonder of space... until something goes horribly, spinningly wrong. (via)

09 May 2013

cicada nightmare

thx flim

new york drawringz

You’ve heard of scrupulous cartographers mapping our world’s cities, but did you ever think that someone could draw an entire metropolis—I mean take the time to literally draw out every building that makes up an urban landscape? While this sounds highly improbable, Brooklyn via Sydney-based illustrator James Gulliver Hancock has attempted to do just that.
In his new book All The Buildings In New York, Hancock assembles his charming and extensive drawings of some of the Big Apple’s most iconic buildings, as well as some more unfamiliar ones, into 64 pages of colorful illustrations. Described as a “love letter” to NYC, Hancock’s drawings capture its diverse architectural styles, from the brownstones of Brooklyn to the Art Deco Chrysler building. (via)

thx DJV!

australian prahm myeenastah attacked by a sandwich!

The whole thing started Wednesday when Gillard paid a visit to a Brisbane high school for a routine photo op. But the day became anything but routine as she made her way through the excited crowd of pupils, and her security detail let down its guard just enough to allow the half-eaten lunch to be hurled in her direction. (via)
wahn kyeeud thawt thay moht jost bee a lyeetlull byit nwauwteeee.

Frank Ocean = Adorable

nymag compiled a slideshow of Frank Ocean smiling.

06 May 2013

CHARLES RAMSEY most incredible interview of all time

Three girls rescued after TEN YEARS in captivity in a cleveland home. This is the man, CHARLES RAMSEY who saved their lives.


did you want to listen to the great gatsby soundtrack?

1) "100$ Bill" - Jay-Z
2) "Back to Black" - Beyoncé x André 3000
3) "Bang Bang" - will.i.am
4) "A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got)" - Fergie + Q Tip + GoonRock
5) "Young and Beautiful" - Lana Del Rey
6) "Love Is the Drug" - Bryan Ferry with The Bryan Ferry Orchestra
7) "Over the Love" - Florence + The Machine
8) "Where the Wind Blows" - Coco O. of Quadron
9) "Crazy in Love" - Emeli Sandé and the Bryan Ferry Orchestra
10) "Together" – The xx
11) "Hearts a Mess" - Gotye
12) "Love Is Blindness" – Jack White
13) "Into the Past" - Nero
14) "Kill and Run" - Sia
click HERE.

02 May 2013

you have been waiting for this new janelle monae

(featuring Erykah Badu) awesome

this makes me feel better

this "twerk team" used their high school's equipment to produce this wonderful "twerk video", and they got suspended for it!

one of them tweeted the following, which is the best thing i've seen aaaaaaaalllllllDAY:

"Suspended for twerking. What do I do? Twerk. At the beach. I twerk at the beach."

01 May 2013

Grizzlies update: we won game 5 in LA last night... back to Memphis on Friday for a chance to eliminate the Clippers

wall of complimentz

"oh, by the way, i'm still enjoying 2Pz."
-delta burke (irl compliment in DNA shoes on north 7th)


The Harlem Meer, in the northeastern corner of Central Park, has long been a refuge for city people looking to indulge their inner Huck Finns, whiling away a lazy summer afternoon fishing for bass, yellow perch and black crappies.
But late last week, signs started popping up around the lake notifying anglers of the arrival of an intruder. The dreaded northern snakehead, a fierce predator common in the rivers and lakes of Asia but considered an invasive species in American waters, had been spotted.
The warning to anglers was clear: If you catch this fish, do not release it. Contact the authorities immediately. It does not belong and could radically alter the local fish population.
The snakehead is a relentless and efficient predator that devours just about everything in its path — fish, frogs, crayfish, beetles and aquatic insects. And it does not meet death easily; it is able to survive under ice or live on land for days in damp conditions. It has been called Fishzilla. (via)

DJV's spirit animal

do yourself a favor and click on this.

a new scene from arrested development


what today feels like

hump day, am i right? thx kylie for this internet gift.


want to see that bagram airfield crash?!?!
We still don't know much about the seven people who died when a cargo plane crashed Monday at Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan, but dashboard camera footage surfaced Tuesday morning on the website LiveLeak — and it provides more answers than you may even feel comfortable watching. (via)
you don't. but you do. just watch it. the comments on the article are morbidly fascinating.

treat yourself.

to some retta stand-up from jimmy fallon:

omg, tennessee, you're so emBEARassing!!!!1111

Coffee County Commissioner Barry West, a local politician from Tennessee posted this photo on his Facebook. (via

 that's manchester, people. jicyww.

are you left-handed?

then you will enjoy this internet.

we have the best looking fans

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