25 August 2011

what did you think was going to happen?


my favorite fashion weirdos... together

rico genest and andrej peijic (via)

gchatz w/ joel

me: my parents basically dont care about me
i've been trying to fear monger them all day
they wont bite
meanwhile john's mom is giving him solid hurricane survival tips
Joel: ctm
johns mom has probably lived through one or two
and knows how scared we should be
me: she knows to take it seriously
Joel: meanwhile, hurricanes in middle tennessee are at best a drink
and at worst, a football team
and at the very worst, a vacation ruiner
me: ctm

melissa and joel discuss the hunger games (book 2)


me: well
what are Katniss and the gang up to?
Melissa: ugh
im only in chapter 3
we just found out that president snow knows about her kiss
the team is there prepping her for the tours
am reading as we speak
me: stupid president snow
and his sickly sweet smell
Melissa: im still curious why his breath smells like blood
Melissa: oh no
haymitch says she has to live happily ever after w peeta!
me: doesnt sound like much of a punishment to me
Melissa: ctm
do you love peeta?
me: duh
all that bread and cupcakes
me: do you think it would be scary or fun to go to the beach when a hurrican is coming?
Melissa: oooo
but depending where you are
i wouldnt want to be in the carribean right now
but i would face it in the carolinas!
just the idea that the island could disappear freaks me out
me: im supposed to go to montauk this weekend
google that on the map and see if you would want to be there
Melissa: oh my NO WAY
me: ctm
looks prime for being wiped off the map, right?
Melissa: uhhh, yes
especially that first look when it's zoomed in on google map
when you back out its not as scary but only bc it like disappears from sight!
just like you are gunna do when Irene gets ya
Melissa: JOEL!
they killed the sweet old man from district 11
oh my word
this book
me: which old man?
the one from the Haim?
Melissa: the one that whistled Rue's tune
me: oooh
yeah the district dont play
Melissa: oh no
he proposed
i cant help but feel sorry for peeta
he loves her dearly!
Melissa's new status message - omg book 2 is too much! 10:56 AM
me: he always has
she has a little trouble deciding on her own feelings, but thats just a 16 year old girl for you i guess
Melissa: sigh
Melissa: oh no
this poor girl
ugh. katniss
me: ctm
whatever poor girl has two studs that want to be her baby daddy
Melissa: oh joel
i wish you were reading a long with me
me: i already know what youre going through
Melissa: joel joel joel
me: what?
Melissa: this book
will you come read me the rest of it
me: hahaha
Melissa: i wish i had it on tape so i could listen to it at work
its hard to keep my book hidden
ill send a picture of my set-up
me: yay

claaaasssiiicc hurricane irene.

gchatz w/ john

John: i can't wait to see new yorkers freaking out about this
they aren't going to know what to do with themselves
me: i know
its going to peter out
i just know it
John: one thing is for sure
they're building it up so much, it can't possibly be as bad as they're making it seem
me: yeah
i mean theyre really going over the top
John: it seems the real horrible things happen when you least expect them to
i'm looking at you fukushima daichi

smell jersey : state of emergency

N.J. Gov. Chris Christie signed a state of emergency declaration on Thursday ahead of the incoming hurricane.
"We have to be prepared," Christie said during a news conference from the State Police Regional Operations Center in Ewing, adding that this is not a "cry wolf" situation.
The declaration allowed him to activate 6,000 members of the National Guard. The governor says Irene would have a "severe" impact on the Garden State.
"We are urging residents not to go to the shore this weekend," Christie said. (via)
erin.... starla....

daily ri ri

from gawker :

Hustler claims to have a sex tape starring Rihanna and rapper J. Cole. "We have seen it and we do not know what we are going to do with it yet." So either they aren't sure it's actually her (Ri doesn't believe it. She has the best reactions to sex scandals), or they're still negotiating a price, or releasing the sex tape would be legally dicey (age of consent? stolen property? copyright issues?), or they are concerned about the long-term effects of high-profile acts of female sexual disempowerment through the nonconsensual release of starlet-driven sex tapes into a society slut-shaming misogyny. Hahahahaha except not the last one. Nah, probably just a legal issue.

who is J.Cole? Is he part of J.Crew? Don't forget to watch the MTV VMAs this weekend!



st. vincent - cruel

RIP Aaliyah Day

interview magazine tribute

RIP Aaliyah Day


KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — The N.C.A.A. said Wednesday that it wanted to send a clear message by handing Bruce Pearl, the former Tennessee basketball coach, a three-year show-cause penalty: Coaches are responsible for their programs.
It will now be harder for Pearl to get another college job anytime soon. He is prohibited from recruiting for the next three years, and a university would have to persuade the N.C.A.A. to have that penalty removed if it hired him.
The N.C.A.A. punished Pearl for lying to investigators about improperly hosting recruits at his home and urging others to do the same. The former Pearl assistants Tony Jones, Jason Shay and Steve Forbes face the same sanctions for their roles in misleading the N.C.A.A., except they were given one-year show-cause penalties.
Tennessee will not face any sanctions beyond those it imposed in response to a two-year investigation into recruiting by Pearl’s program and by the football program under Lane Kiffin, the coach at the time. (via)


hunker the fuck down.
NYC Hurricane Map

RIP Aaliyah Day

I know exactly how Hawkeye feels.

RIP Aaliyah Day

baby girl was killed in that plane accident 10 years ago today.


joel found this on carly's internet.


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