15 July 2014

your fortnightly boat

TOOT TOOT PRISON SHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111

there is a such thing as a floating prison and the largest one in the world lives in the bronx, serving as (maybe) another place for the COs at rikers to beat the daylights out of mentally ill people. 

i don't know.

a day in the life of a taxicab

"NYC Taxis: A Day in the Life" charts the data of "one random NYC yellow taxi on a single day in 2013." The interface shows viewers the start of a trip, end of a trip, and all the time spent in between, in addition to the amount of money made following tolls, tips and the MTA's tax. (via)

joel and i both thoroughly enjoyed this surprisingly interesting fresh air interview re: fish murder

if ya need something to listen to.

the hotwives of orlando

read this.

kristen schaal, et al. brian moylan endorsed. all episodes came out on hulu today!

MU$☝☾ M☝NUT€ W/ M$D∆NG€L$ - "Queen" by Perfume Genius

"new album ‘Too Bright’ will be released Sept 22nd"

couple a other vidz

lykke li - gunshot

sharon van etten - our love

daily ri-ri

maybe a day late but here she is partying with team germany.

thx phil!

jenny lewis - just one of the guys

this video is chock-full of lady celebs. enjoy!
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