15 February 2012

keekerz speakers

eleanor friedberger - owl's head park.

one half of the fiery furnaces. subject of this songher album is excellent.

are we going to see this?

thx bunners!

'sgo raptors!

After managing to beat Vassar College twice over the course of 26 games from 1988 to 2011, the Bard College men's basketball beat Vassar for the second time in 35 days on Tuesday night, edging the Brewers, 56-55. 
Back on Jan. 10, Bard senior Matt Shubert hit two free throws with three seconds left to beat Vassar, 59-57, in the Raptors' Liberty League debut at Vassar. On Tuesday night, believe it or not, Shubert provided the winning points again. (via)
f*ck vassar, amiright?!!?!

daily ri ri

some interesting rihanna news coming out of the grammys.

number one: did you see how hot she looked? she has been really working on her fitness and she looks amazing. her performance was pretty strong too.

number two: word on the street is that next week birthday cake will be released as a new full length single featuring a guest artist that will "shock the world." speculation says that it may be chris brown, as they were seen leaving the same recording studio last week.

just cause.

listen to this song on spotify.

trave-lin to toronto

i'm not generally an nba fan, but then a guy comes in and sets records while crashing on his brother's couch in nyc and changes everything. my favorite part of this video from last night's win is the toronto crowd's reaction to the game winning 3-pointer. there are a lot of asian's in toronto, and they are just as excited about this nerd as i am.

dont threaten me with a good time.

95 more puppy show photos, thanks to erin baker!

this is scary as ess

oh, hey there
these new tiny frogs and lizards they keep finding are freaking me out. i imagine them travelling in packs like ants, crawling all over the place in extremely slow motion like chameleons do. i'll let you click to this picture of the frogs attacking. i don't want to make you scream at you're desk without warning.

people may i assume i like reptiles and amphibians because of my undegrad thesis project. that is incorrect. i found out that you need to keep them in cages because they will murder you.

you can't invite that bitch anywhere.

i've had several reports that that sl_t-c_nt (as joel so aptly described her while watching the grammys), taylor swift, is making everyone's chrome crash, mine included.

so i'm taking her bitch-ass off our blog. you're welcome.

your westminster dog show best in show winner puppy!

malachy the pekingese!!!!!


bonus links:
malachy backlash!
a slideshow of primped pups.

a day in the life of wiz khalifa

that's juicy j, from three six mafia. i guess he's joined wiz's friend circle!

i think wiz khalifa might be a dave chapelle character. miami looks nice.
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