07 February 2012

lana del ray's hunger games

via. thx for the tip keekers

look at that face!

Playing with your food? Shooting things at the White House? It seems like a recipe for disaster and/or arrest, but somehow Joey Hudy managed to play with his food while hanging out at the Executive Mansion and still get this look of amazement out of the president. The 14-year-old Phoenix resident designed this Extreme Marshmallow Cannon and demonstrated it at the second White House Science Fair Tuesday. (via)

turtles eat salad

am i not turtley enough for the turtle clurb? thx for the tip melissa.

st vincent : cheerleader

did everyone see her on portlandia this weekend?

gay news!

Proposition 8, the voter-approved law banning same-sex marriage in California, has been declared unconstitutional by a federal appeals court. Three judges in San Francisco today ruled 2-1 that a 2010 lower court ruling should stand because Prop 8 violates the civil rights of gays and lesbians. Unfortunately, this doesn't mean everyone can just go out and get married now: Supporters of Prop 8 plan to appeal to a larger panel of Ninth Circuit judges and ultimately to the U.S. Supreme Court, if necessary. (via)


bonnie raitt's NEW SINGLE "right down the line" dropped TODAY. it's a cover of gerry rafferty's hit.

listen HERE.

buy it HERE.

makes me want to go to the BEACH.

and she's going on TOUR.

see you JUNE 20TH.

her full album is out on APRIL 10TH.


iphone question

tomorrow, i'll finally be retiring my blackberry and entering 2010 by upgrading to an iphone. you're welcome. now. for some reason, every single iphone owner i've asked this question (liz, john, grace, etc.) has some lame excuse about why they can't answer it. maybe you can help.

can you just tell me how much data you use per month on average? i reckon i'll have to pick a plan, and i just want to be prepared.

thanks in advance for being soooooo helpful!

UPDATE! i just talked to verizon and they are going to let me keep on rolling with my unlimited family plan as well. thanks, dad!

What a nice thing to do!

Budweiser is gathering groups of fans and bringing them to unsuspecting rec hockey games to give the players an nhl experience.

It reminds me of the improv everywhere story on TAL where they got a lot of people to come to a local band's show give them the show of a lifetime. Except, those guys were really bummed about it.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Here's a review of Jay-Z's show last night at Carnegie Hall. i was going to go, but then the Voice was on and tickets cost thousands of dollars.

5 days!

the walking dead is back on sunday!


In the 1920s, Asahel Curtis was commissioned by the Washington state Department of Conservation and Development to create a series of colorized lantern slides for public presentations, designed to promote tourism and immigration to the area. The resulting hand-colored slides show interesting moments of the region's agriculture, industry and recreation. (via)

this is my kind of graffiti.

after noticing a trend of mad men posters being altered in creative ways, gothamist asked readers to submit ideas. i think you can see why that top one's my favorite. see them all here and here and here.


While waiting for the elevator to leave the VIP suites at Lucas Oil Stadium, Gisele said, "My husband can not f****ing throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. I can't believe they dropped the ball so many times." (via)

terry gross tuesdays!

omg meryl!! listen to these ol' gals chatting like a couple of hens in a hen house.

in relation to an assertion meryl makes at the end on the interview, will you please tell me in the comments which of meryl's roles is your favorite?
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