31 December 2011

via another amazing tumblr

I ran across this while perusing literal bears i'm jealous of. I think you'll see why it got posted here.





30 December 2011

what is hank doing?

helping erin out at work!

thx erin!

another amazing tumblr

literal bears im jealous of. this is right up our alley.

did beyonce have her babeyonce?!?!?!?!!?!?!??!?!?!!!111

the internet is going NUTS.


look at this tumblr right now.

space photography

an interview with the guy who brought us that amazing space video.

i cannot bring myself to push play on this.

but i though some of y'all might like it.

can't wait.

jan 6!

2Pz movie review

last night, joel, thomas wilhelm, bun-bun and i saw sherlock holmes : game of thrones. it was...

11 biscuits!!!

there was a mini horse in it.

spoiler alert retroactive.


here's your friday playlist: two chinatowns

happy new year everyone!!!

29 December 2011

photohunt : north korea



can you tell the difference?

i honestly can't believe any of it's real.

while we're talking about footballs...

...the titans still have a chance to make the playoffs, too. and if they win in houston on sunday (erin baker, are you going?), the jets chances disappear. ;(
NEW YORK JETS NY Jets clinch a wild-card spot:
1) NYJ win + CIN loss + TEN loss or tie + OAK loss or tie
2) NYJ win + CIN loss + TEN loss or tie + DEN loss or tie
TENNESSEE TITANS Tennessee clinches a wild-card spot:
1) TEN win + CIN loss + NYJ win + OAK loss or tie
2) TEN win + CIN loss + NYJ win + DEN loss or tie
3) TEN win + CIN loss + NYJ loss or tie + OAK win + DEN win
i just hate when 2Pz find themselves pitted against one another. the good news is, we're all rooting against cincinnati, and that just makes good sense.

oh, and i also just read that the penn state pedophiles tried to steal the titans coach! but he said "hell no, like i would ever take a job and that university of sin!"

daniel craig's blue jeans

im sure by now you have seen the girl with the dragon tattoo. remember when she did that thing to that guy after he surprised her with his you know what? shudder.

anyway, were you totally distracted by daniel craig's blue jeans? they fit him too well. i did some research (googled it) and found out they are from the brand scotch and soda, and the that the costume designer gave him a couple pairs at the end of the shoot because everyone remarked about how well they fit him. he is wearing the same brand here on this magazine cover. so, the take home here is go do some squats and buy some jeans.

bart scott CAN'T WAIT

 this was last year, but i love it anyway. J - E - T - S JETS JETS JETS!!! there is still a chance for the Jets to make it to the playoffs again.

UPDATE: my asshat brother craig is the one who showed me this video, and alerted me to the fact that bart scott exists

the road to the national championship

well, here she is, folks. way i see it, alabama's the only thing standing between us and the BCS title game.


UT needs one of these.

Medellin, Colombia was once known as one of the world's most violent cities. It was the center of a major drug cartel, which actually took its name from the city. Now Medellin is enjoying the spotlight for a new socially-conscious public transportation system.
To understand this story you need to know that Medellin is in a valley surrounded by incredibly beautiful green mountains, which have also become the location of many neighborhoods on the steep mountainsides.
And yesterday, Medellin's mayor inaugurated a giant outdoor escalator. It was built for residents of one of the city's poorest districts, with the aim of better integrating them into the city and the broader economy.
The slum is located on one of those hillsides, and its residents have long had to climb hundreds of steps - the equivalent of a 28-story building - to get home from work. Now they can stand and be transported on their new 1,200-foot moving walkway that turns a 35-minute haul into a six-minute commute. The project cost about $7 million. (via)

28 December 2011


thx g!

sarah palin is an excellent movie character

like, i mean, a villain.

a movie to see in the future

charlize theron, i see you

kismet and isabella check out the window

typical puppy time at home

have you seen this video of the baby and obama

that guy is from memphis and his name is greg wagner and he went to my high school. that means i am like two degrees away from having my hand in obama's mouth. im pretty sure melissa has made out with him too (greg, not obama). melissa can you confirm or deny? via.

home for the holidays

snoozin and treats

set your DVRs

this is going to be appointment television and you don't want to be left behind. i mean look! the angelika in houston! via.

the power of imagination.

this gives me so many feelings!

a movie to see in the future

a movie to see in the future

my new jam

when i went to tennessee, i realized i don't hate country music, i just hate it when boys sing country music. shania twain, faith hill, the judds, dixie chicks, carrie underwood, dolly parton, loretta lynn, kelly canter, lady antebellum (half the time), and now pistol annies

i tend to agree with myself

john cameron mitchell directs a comedy commercial for Dior with Marion Cotillard

smart lady.


i like your cute glasses, t.i.

dr. dre and t.i. made a mixtape together and are giving it to us as a new years present!

thx nsikan!

jean ralphio kristin bell and don cheadle in a show i might watch

angry ginger house

27 December 2011

good news!

if you decided against (or were too scared of) watching the awesome first season of american horror story, it's kind of okay! it was recently revealed that AHS will feature a new horror each season!
And, well, it seems like they'll never make sense. A.V. Club editor Todd VanDerWerff has been tweeting during a phone press conference with Murphy and AHS co-creator Brad Falchuk, and it seems that, in fact, the Harmon story, actually the whole Murder House story entirely, is done. Yes, as hinted at long ago, American Horror Story will function actually as a season-long anthology series. Next time we'll have a new horor in a new part of America. Kinda crazy, and kinda cool, huh?
Murphy says that he hopes the format will entice bigger-name movie actors who are curious about doing television but don't want to do a multi-season commitment. This is a fairly revolutionary, for these days at least, concept for a television show, especially one as popular as this first season of AHS has been. Frankly we're glad that, even though this story got truly engaging as the season went on, we won't have to see the Harmons Beetlejuice-ing around next year, scaring away new resident after new resident. Their story is done, with a little Christmas cheer and peace, and now we'll move on to something else. (via)
so definitely watch the murder house season when you can, but go ahead and set your tivos for season two!

spoiler alert retroactive.

more importantly

joel did you get this for christmas and what time are you coming over to watch it at my house?

daily ri ri

brb: outside, PORTLAND, OR

 I went to visit my family for some pre-holiday holiday. We made a feast!
 Babies have terrible taste in television. This one's mother would not let me introduce RHONJ into the household...
 This is Sparky. She's an old crank, but can be downright sweet if she feels like it. She wasn't feeling like it when i took this one.
 She loves snoozing in this spot by the window. look at that smile!
They threw a Rudolf nose on this deer. Ceeute! You'll just have to take my word for it.

Portland, Oregon: 11 Biscuits!

what is dharma doing?

ugh, i mean. just look at her.

what a cute wallpaper



what is shannon doherty doing?

capital-A acting!

baby bi-polar bear danes

it's really danish, for real.


1 year, 1 month, and 4 days later.

so freaking good

Before tip-off on Sunday of all of the Christmas games, the NBA dropped a gem of a commercial on the world. Thanks, NBA.

nErD aLeRt!

The park here, called Madrid Río, has largely been finished. More than six miles long, it transforms a formerly neglected area in the middle of Spain’s capital. Its creation, in four years, atop a complex network of tunnels dug to bury an intrusive highway, also rejuvenates a long-lost stretch of the Manzanares River, and in so doing knits together neighborhoods that the highway had cut off from the city center.
All around the world, highways are being torn down and waterfronts reclaimed; decades of thinking about cars and cities reversed; new public spaces created.
Most famously, in beauty-mad San Francisco, the 1989 earthquake overcame years of entrenched thinking: the Embarcadero Freeway was taken down, which reconnected the city with its now glorious waterfront. In Seoul, the removal of a stretch of highway along the now-revived Gaecheon stream has made room for a five-mile-long recreation area called Cheonggyecheon. In Milwaukee, the destruction of the Park East freeway spur has liberated acres of downtown for parks and neighborhood development. Even the nearly-30-year, bank-busting Big Dig fiasco made Boston a better place by tunneling a downtown highway, though it was obviously nobody’s idea of a stellar urban redevelopment project.
In New York, city and state officials are inching closer to tearing down the Sheridan Expressway, a mile-and-a-quarter-long gash in the South Bronx connecting the Bruckner and Cross Bronx Expressways, perhaps to replace it with homes, commercial spaces, playgrounds, swimming pools and soccer fields arrayed along the Bronx River.
But Madrid Río is a project whose audacity and scale, following the urban renewal successes of Barcelona, Spain’s civic trendsetter, can bring to a New Yorker’s mind the legacy of the street-grid plan, which this year celebrates its 200th anniversary. That’s because the park belongs to a larger transformation that includes the construction of dozens of new metro and light-rail stations that link far-flung, disconnected and often poor districts on Madrid’s outskirts to downtown. (via)

post-christmas music news round-up

i came back to the internet this morning to find a bunch of exciting things. let's get started.

you can stream or download the weeknd's third mixtape, echoes of silence. i downloaded this on my dad's computer to listen to while wrapping presents. i hope he enjoys it!

i can not understand how "we bought a zoo" can possibly ever be worth watching, but matt damon and kate winslet both are in it (a bear, too), and jonsi wrote a song for the soundtrack, accompanied by this cute video, so maybe i should give it a chance? idts.

drizzy and weezy made this video for us. do you have a car? then you should have batting glurves. y.o.l.o., ya know?

would you like to hear a new nicki minaj track called "stupid hoe"? i don't really care for it.

i found this song on jenny cook's fb, and it is suuuuper good. it is like some peter gabriel shit. i lurve it. also, watch this kimbra video. i think oh land just beat her to the punch.

and we're done.

your annual pop-music mash-up

25 songs of 2011.

welcome back from christmas.

hope you had a great one! mine was like this.

that's me in the red coat, and the kitty is jazzy and the pony is stanley. and sammi sweetheart is outside with muddy pawz.

26 December 2011

23 December 2011

nerd alert: woooaaaaaaahhhhhhh!

Google has a voice recognition search option and it's really good.

it's the little microphone!

 you click it and say what you want and it works!

 that ish bray!

22 December 2011

21 December 2011

i have absolutely been on the train with this guy before.

he would not shut up.

in related news:

somehow we missed this.

and also this:

plantation house | slave market

the new york times' DISUNION blog brings us a tour of the abandoned civil war-era architecture across the south:
Perhaps the most famous house of 1861 was, by July of that year, no longer standing. The home, called Spring Hill, belonged to Judith Henry, an invalid widow, and stood on a hill overlooking Bull Run. In the battle that engulfed the fields around Spring Hill on July 21, Henry was killed and her home destroyed, save for a few remnant beams and a section of chimney.
Over the next four years of war, countless thousands of homes, from grand mansions to decrepit shacks, would be damaged or destroyed. Many others were simply abandoned by fleeing families, never to be reclaimed. What was left behind was a landscape of human ruin, some of it still standing today, 150 years later. (via)

the mister erin diaries

you might remember that GPP acquired a new pet over the weekend. a betta fish was entered into the filthy eskimo steal at our christmas brunch, and DJV negotiated a deal with his owner to let him stay with us. last night, i realized that mister erin was a little sluggish, and his bowl-water was a little dirty, so i switched his water out. while doing so, i found the tiniest little diary hidden under some rocks. i just have to share it with you....
december 18, 2011
hi diary, 
sorry it's been so long since i last wrote. it's been a hectic couple of days! after being taken from the prison i was born into and carried around in the dark for what seemed like an eternity, i've landed in a place that seems pretty nice. it's called GPP, and it's where my new daddy lives. his name's DJV, and i love him so much. there were a lot of people around when my hood was removed, but i know i belong to him because i overheard him begging someone if he could keep me. i have excellent hearing. a lot of people don't know that about siamese fighting fish. anyway, i feel really lucky to have finally found my forever home. also, i'm pretty sure i imprinted on him, because he's all i care about anymore. i can't wait to see what the future with my new dad brings!
optimistically yours,
mister erin
december 19, 2011
oh gosh diary,
something's wrong. i haven't seen my daddy in a day or two, which, coincidentally, is how long it's been since i've eaten anything. my tummy really hurts and i'm starting to get really worried. where is he?! 
mister erin
december 20, 2011
dear diary,
well, good news and bad news. i'll start with the good, as that part's pretty short. last night, a nice lady came home and checked on me. she dropped some food in my bowl, and i had my first meal in two days. it was so delicious! the bad news is that i still haven't seen dad. it's all i can do to keep my heart from breaking with each passing minute. i mean, he could've at least said goodbye. so far, i've found enough strength to resist my urges to find a sharp piece of gravel. we both know i can't start cutting again. more bad news: my water's getting pretty murky. and i'm starting to feel a little sick. i'm sure it's nothing too serious. i'm hungry, too. but there's no food. maybe i'll just take a little nap. 
so sleepy,
mister erin
december 21, 2011
good morning diary,
just wanted to update you, in case you were worrying. last night, things got pretty bad. i don't remember much except that just as i was relaxing into my pink tree branches, slipping off into what was sure to be the sweet sleep of death, that nice lady showed up again. she seemed a little drunk, but she managed to pop some more food into my bowl. i tried my best to eat it. i really want to make her proud of me, but i just couldn't shake the feeling of complete and utter despair and worthlessness left by my absent father. she must've noticed that things weren't going well for me, because she changed my dirty water out for some fresh clean water. it's nice to be cared for again, but i really just miss my dad so much.
mister erin
ps - i started listening to rap music today.
just keep swimming, mister erin!


20 December 2011


drunk christmas

thx carly!

what is thomas wilhelm doing over christmas break?

he's undoubtedly engaging in some light pecan thievery:
“If somebody’s hungry and they want a handful of nuts, that’s one thing,” he said. “But this is different. These guys have whole sacks.” 
To protect themselves, growers have installed security cameras. But since most thefts happen at night, it’s hard to identify the culprits. The growers have hired security guards and added fences topped with barbed wire. But the orchards are too large to patrol effectively, and thieves cut through the chain link almost as soon as it goes up. 
Still, pecan thieves are being caught in numbers that are nearly double what they were in 2010. (via)
don't not listen to that song. trussstttt me.

have you seen this? i can't remember




watch the entire season of homeland on showtime ondemand over christmas break!

2Pz movie review

last night, starla took me to see david fincher's version of the girl with the dragon tattoo. i loved the swedish ones so much, and hated that facebook movie so much, that i was worried. but guess what.

i loved it! 11 biscuits!! go see it over christmas break!

19 December 2011

what are liesl and weasel doing???


thx emilube!

can i have a chip?

how strange.

According to The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg will announce today that Cornell University has won the city's competition to open a new technology-based campus on Roosevelt Island. The facility will be a 2,000-student satellite campus of Cornell, based out of Ithaca in upstate New York, focusing on high-tech studies in order to turn city into an East Coast startup hub akin to Stanford-Silicon Valley pairing out west. The move to the Big Apple isn't unprecedented for Cornell, which already has its medical school in the city. (via)

more portlandia

is it really that good?

new batman trailer!

i didn't know it was about the 99%. i also didn't know the entire cast of inception was in it.

thx ktv.

christmas freedom


puppy christmas

after this, i think the internet is done. via.

this is tonight

so dont forget to tune in. via.


remember dia frampton from nbc's singing competition, the voice? she already has an album out (on spotify, oc).

her first single features kid cudi, whom she covered on youtube.

season 2 premieres after the super bowl on february 5!

the people have spoken!

pitbull sucks. almost as much as georgia.

but you already knew that, didn't you?


RIPs kim jong-il

that's 'rest in pieces', jicyww.

azealia banks : liquorice

here's a new song. check out her tumblr. it's covered in beyonce.

18 December 2011

new chelsea handler sit-com

The series follows an outspoken woman, Chelsea Newman (a character based on the real Chelsea Handler and the show's main protagonist) and her circle of working-class twenty-something friends in New Jersey. Though the narration and observations of the fictional Chelsea, most of the situations were inspirations from Handler's book, which is based on her early career in her twenties.

featuring Luara Prepon (from that 70's show) as chelsea and chelsea as her own sister...

17 December 2011


Meet the newest member of the house at GPP!!!!!!

it's Mister Erin! he's a beta fish and he's a sweetheart.

best xmas brunch ever.

16 December 2011

this is tense

bike rules. 1) it is ok to be self righteous. 2) it is not ok to lock your bike to a strangers.

totes breathing

I'm alive! I was on a field trip to this place. it was pretty great. We sang carols and chatted with nuns.

have you seen this man?

whoopi goldberg lizzes in front of claire danes

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player via
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