22 April 2014

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Badger Alcatraz

here's a cute video about Stofle, the smartest honey badger there ever was, aside from the fact that he was almost mauled by a lion. who likes lions anyways? not me! except baby ones.

happy earth day - remember, we are all made of star stuff

more pics of the earth from space, thx lisa



baby (animal) or burrito?

here is a delightful collection of animals dressed as burritos!

thx erin macbreath!

this is your guy

donnie tyndall is cuonzo martin's replacement as head men's basketvol coach at the university of tennessee. he came from southern miss where he was 56-17. here's what some sports writer said about him "Like [Bruce] Pearl, Tyndall has a larger-than-life personality capable of luring recruits and energizing a football-first fan base. Like Pearl, Tyndall won big in two lower-profile jobs before before making his major-conference debut at Tennessee. And like Pearl, Tyndall favors full-court pressure, though his teams have traditionally played at a much slower tempo than Pearl's Tennessee teams did."

here's hopin'

grizz wing big in OT last night in OKC

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