24 October 2012


get well soon.  and get good soon.  or else.
thx herrm.

it's ok baby

"I don't blame that baby for crying. You know what, she just realized what it means if Romney gets elected. She is out there — God love her. Hi, baby, how are you? It's okay, he's not going to get elected, you're going to be okay. You're going to be okay." 

Joe Biden, during a speech in Ohio this afternoon, in a rare off-the-cuff remark that won't embarrass the entire campaign.

from nymag

here comes the hobbit

i was really devoted to the original lord of the rings movies, and i guess im looking forward to this as well but i get so annoyed when one book gets split up across years into separate movies.

finger, i mean, style-blasting

Because there aren't enough ways to feel like you're being judged by Williamsburg scenesters the moment you step off the L train, the fashion police have installed a webcam on a Bedford Avenue building. Mounted "a block from the hellmouth" of the Bedford L stop, the "Styleblaster" motion-sensor camera enables the whole world to enjoy an endless, real-time parade of precious hipster runoff. Each photo has a time-stamp showing when it was taken, and you, the Internet, get to decide if the subject is worthy of a "top hat" signifying whether the individual is "stylin'." (via)

i give this idea 0 top hats.

what do you think?

peanut butter and pickle sandwiches. kind of doesn't sound half bad. should we try them together?

thx again bun-bun.

how fun!

Picasso painted "Woman Ironing" when he was in his 20’s. And like so many struggling young artists he often reused old canvases. He first began painting a portrait of a man with a mustache; abandoned it and several years later turned the canvas upside down and painted the image of a skeletal woman ironing over it. The ghost of the man underneath was first detected with an infrared camera in 1989. "Woman Ironing" was recently cleaned and restored by the Guggenheim Museum and is now on display as part of the exhibition, "Picasso Black and White."
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thx bun-bun.

breaking news!!

the islanders are coming to brooklyn!!! now we have TWO professional teams in sports i dont care about!

keekerz speakerz

on repeat.

maybe because it's almost the same song as this.



the worst lady in the world, ann coulter.

you might've heard that ann coulter called president obama a "retard" after monday's debate. here's a letter written by a special olympian with down syndrome to that hateful b-word.
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