27 February 2012

uma's preggers!

breaking news from celebrity correspondent starla!

hank for senate!

a collection of sportz themed tatttoos

 ESPN has a fan submission contest for sports themed TATZ. Here are some standouts.

ohhh noooo. come on, why? her. again. you know?




SOUND logic.

makes perfect sense.

irl friday night lights.

this won 'best documentary' last night.

"you think football builds character? it does not. football reveals character."

new andrew bird album streaming


Learn more about this year's most important supporting actors.

curbing sprawl in nashville

The regional planning authority for the Nashville, Tennessee, metropolitan area has embarked on a new philosophy to put the notoriously sprawling region on a less polluting and less consumptive path, anchored by walkable neighborhoods, public transportation and maximizing the efficiency of current roadways.
Meeting the laudable goal of shaping a more sustainable region will not be easy: in 2001, the Nashville metro area was cited as the nation’s most spread-out – the area with the fewest number of residents per square mile – in a review of 271 of our largest metro areas.
If Nashville’s land use challenge is daunting, its transportation challenges – in large part created by the predominance of sprawl – are similarly formidable. (via)

memphis is full of wild animals




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