06 November 2013

bo obama

mayor bloomberg is grumpy with new mayor de blasio

NeRd aLeRt!!

usually i am a big fan of any design that comes from the netherlands, but this redesign of the delegates lounge at the united nation seems like a wasted opportunity. there are two beautiful hand crafted window treatments by Hella Jongerius on either end, then they just piled in an array of dutch furniture in between. all this for 3.5 million dollars. not good enough.

more pictures and a description of the design process here

NeRd aLeRt!!

Scheduled for completion in 2016, this tall thin skyscraper by SHoP is just a few doors down from the supertall clunker by Christian de Portzamparc about to be finished on 57th street. This one looks pretty good to my eye. It would be as tall as the Empire State Building (excluding the mooring mast) and one of the skinniest tall buildings in the world at about 58 feet at its widest point.

a really interesting nymag interview with composer Hans Zimmer

basically he has scored every movie you have seen in the past decade. Read it HERE
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