29 April 2011


just wanted to tell you about this little tradition bun-bun and i share. whenever we're going to the same place after work, we attempt what we call "subway meet-ups". as i'm typically coming from penn station, and he from chelsea, we often both end up using the 2/3 or the A/C/E lines, but starting at different stations. we coordinate our timing and car selection so that we end up with a together-ride. tonight's is going to be very challenging, here is an excerpt from our planning session:

Rob: train meet up?
me: definitely
i was thinking about it this morning
its going to be a complicated one!
Rob: im more excited about it than is rational
me: maybe the toughest yet
Rob: you arriving to penn?
me: yes
we're gonna need the uptown E
you're only one stop away right?
Rob: yes. ok, where is the best spot on train for the transfer to g?
me: well thats what im concerned about
the best spot for the transfer is the first car
my access point at penn is at the back of the train
and i hardly ever make the walk to the front before the train comes
Rob: and i enter platform at first
same happens to me if im trying to get to back
me: so im worried that i wont be able to get to the front
Rob: what if i ride in the front looking out the front window and ill try to watch for you walking down the platform
if you're not at the front of the train i could always get out and wait for you at 34th st
me: yeah, i like that
i have cell service until i go through the turnstiles
ill tell you "im going in", and you get on the very next E train
and then ill book it to the front
Rob: lets make that our plan. no matter what we'll meet at the first car either in train or on platform
me: perfect
and as always....my train is scheduled to arrive at 6.25
but its usually a bit slow on fridays
of course ill keep you posted the entire way
Rob: let me know when youre njt is coming into the city and ill start shutting down
me: constant updates
Rob: ok

it is going to be just like this:

i'll let you know how it works out, and will also attempt to take pictures.


...your adorable new titans quarterback, jake locker! 11 biscuits!!

jicyww, cam newton is a carolina panther now. ;(

update: watch this. learn something.

did you see the drag race season finale?

no spoilers. i really like ru's new song.
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