11 October 2011

daily ri ri

rihanna released these two covers for her upcoming album on facebook today. the one on the right is the deluxe edition.

baby steps are still steps

BIKE LANES!! Memphis Mayor A C Wharton has decided to create bike lanes on Madison Avenue between Cooper and McNeil, a decision that will make cyclists happy and some business owners along that stretch glum. The mayor's decision brings to an end an ongoing controversy about whether to put the lanes on the Midtown thoroughfare. With the decision, each side of the street will include a dedicated bike lane. Traffic lanes, however, will be reduced to one lane each direction with a center turn lane. Cyclists have long championed the plan, but some shop owners fear the loss of two lanes of traffic - one in each direction - will mean a corresponding loss of business.

did you see this last night

it was VERY special. i cant wait to talk about it with you.

were you wondering what really happened to my forehead

melissa found the truth. i admit it now.

Babeyonce UPDATE!!~!!~!!!

Is beyonce wearing a FAKE baby burmp???

That's what the internet says!

in related news, the girls in the classroom by my office are bumping Beyonce right now. I can't get that mad...

just watch this

How Can I Tell If I'm Really In Love: Part I

thanks schmitten kitten and ali

today is national coming out day

thomas wilhelm and i thought that in honor of today being national coming out day, we should open up this forum for anyone who wants to share anything. (bun bun we're looking at you)

feel free to express yourself in the comments.

new m83 album

streaming here.

drink my potion

melissa sent me this beyonce interview. it has some really cute home videos.

Feminist Ryan Gosling

The internet is loving this right now. And there are  certainly some funny ones.

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