25 July 2016


cancelling all my other plans...

here is your DNC livestream, starting aaaaaaany minute.

no pokemons up in this bitch

first this:
A video posted by Anand Desai-Barochia (@ananddb) on

then this:

something worth considering.

Grown almost exclusively in Morocco, the Argania is a rare and protected species after years of over-farming and clear-cutting. The tree produces an annual fruit crop. It is this delicious morsel that attracts legions of local goats who hop up into the branches to pick them out. Like an image out of a goat-cast wire-fu film, the animals stand on the impossibly precarious branches and get down to their seasonal feast. Far from just a single ambitious goat climbing a single tree, the animals tend to swarm into the branches in number. (via)
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