26 August 2010

joel's flying today.

do you think he used virgania horsen's hot air balloon rides?

the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

thx markie!

hungover owls

thx nsikan via lilly.

daily ダンディズム

one of james franco's upcoming movies.

this one's about that dude who got his arm stuck mountain climbing, and amputated it off to escape. but the trailer makes it look like a whole lot of fun....

want some free ice cream?

Discount site Gilt City is offering its members free ice-cream cones off of the Van Leeuwen truck today. Sign up here and follow Gilt City’s Twitter to track the truck’s location. We hear it’ll be stopping in Hudson Square from 3:30 till 4:45 p.m. (via)


not-very-funny will forte got canned by is leaving SNL. now we won't have to sit through macgruber sketches, or any other sketches for which he always uses the exact same voice.

on a side note: he is extremely photogenic...


starla sent me this facebook-style timeline of the last decade of SEC football. it's real cute. and real long, so.

what is isabella (swan) doing?

"Smokey? Nope! That's just izzy takin her naps. YIP!"

izzy, you are my teenage dream.

new snuffles album

Following (very) closely on the heels of last week's surprise All Delighted People EP comes news of a brand new Sufjan Stevens full-length. The Age of Adz will be released by Asthmatic Kitty on October 12. ("Adz" is pronounced "odds," a press release tells us.) (via)

shaq in alcoa, tn.

no, really. thx mxxx.

harnessing the power of the internet...

...to make telephone calls.
Google entered a new business beyond Internet search on Wednesday with a service within Gmail to make phone calls over the Web to landlines or cellphones.
The service will thrust Google into direct competition with Skype, the Internet telephone company, and with telecommunications providers. It could also make Google a more ubiquitous part of people’s social interactions by uniting the service for phone calls with e-mail, text messages and video chats.
“It’s one place where you can get in touch with the people that you care about, and how that happens from a network perspective is less important,” said Charles S. Golvin, a telecommunications analyst at Forrester Research.
Gmail has offered voice and video chat for two years, but both parties must be at their computers. Google said the new service would work well for people in a spot with poor cellphone reception or for those making a quick call from their desk. (via)
thx googz!

more like trader blowzzzz.

jk, i fucking love TJ's.

jim furyk oversleeps, misses professional golf tee time.

American golfer and world number six, Jim Furyk, was kicked out of the first FedEx Cup play-off on Wednesday after missing his tee-off time by oversleeping.
Furyk, 40, told the official website of PGA Tour that he set an alarm on his cell phone which ran out of power overnight and failed to wake him up.
"The hotel had power ... but somehow my phone died. I never use a backup because I just figure if the phone is charged, I'm good to go," Furyk said.
After waking five minutes before he was due to start playing, Furyk made a dash from his hotel to the course but failed to get to the 11th tee of The Barclays tournament in New Jersey in time.
Injury or family emergency are the only reasons that excuse a player's absence, consequently, Furyk will miss Thursday's planned round with countryman Steve Stricker and Ernie Els of South Africa. (via)
ctm. that suxxx.

the daily show goes to the boro!

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so proud.
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