27 September 2011

just in time for halloween

what's for lunch?

Black bean and corn salsa mixed with orzo, with pile of soy beans mixed in. Tuna wrap (not pictured b/c I already aaaaate iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit)

hay everybody!

don't forget to take a moment to...


joel doesn't know...

...about that amazing cameo on gossip girl last night, because he was too busy watching most eligible dallas.

i know, right?

read the recap (sans chrishere.

ps - i'm pretty much ready to move to california, now that i've seen how happy all of my friends are living there.


a good wilco album.

listen here.

or on spotify, oc.




Paul J. Browne, the Police Department’s chief spokesman, defended the use of pepper spray as appropriate and added that it was “used sparingly.”
But Councilman Peter F. Vallone Jr., chairman of the City Council’s Public Safety Committee, said that in the video clips he had seen, the use of pepper spray “didn’t look good,” although Mr. Vallone cautioned that he wanted to know if any interactions had occurred between the officers and the women in the minutes before pepper spray was used. 
“If no prior verbal command was given and disobeyed, then the use of spray in that instance is completely inappropriate,” Mr. Vallone said. On Monday, several Web sites identified the supervising officer who used the pepper spray as Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna, a longtime commander in Manhattan. Like a number of other officers, Inspector Bologna is a defendant in lawsuits claiming wrongful arrests at protests staged during the Republican National Convention in 2004...
According to the Police Department’s patrol guide, officers may use pepper spray under certain conditions, including “when a member reasonably believes it is necessary to effect an arrest of a resisting suspect.” The guide also advises that the spray should “not be used in situations that do not require the use of physical force.”

need some costume help?

who better than martha? thx rachel!

check out all of martha's halloween ideaz, and let us know which ones you'd like to see thomas wilhelm and me attempt. 

sufjan stevens rap sample

i just heard this song on spotify, and i was all "that sounds familiar..."

i like it. i also really like his dance moves.

(side note : he is friends with wiz khalifa and they both went to leigh anne's high school. in pittsburgh, the crown jewel of pennsylvania if you don't count philadelphia.)

nypd : jerks?

i actually stumbled onto this scene saturday afternoon, and while i didn't know exactly what was going on, the police response seemed a little excessive for what was a relatively small group of nonviolent protesters on 12th street. here's the follow-up on the particular pepper spray incident:
When members of the loose protest movement known as Occupy Wall Street began a march from the financial district to Union Square on Saturday, the participants seemed relatively harmless, even as they were breaking the law by marching in the street without a permit.
But to the New York Police Department, the protesters represented something else: a visible example of lawlessness akin to that which had resulted in destruction and violence at other anticapitalist demonstrations, like the Group of 20 economic summit meeting in London in 2009 and the World Trade Organization meeting in Seattle in 1999. (via)

barack obama : anti-christ?

some weirdo decided to go and shout the following at the president in LA yesterday:
"Christian God is the one and only true living God! The creator of Heaven and the universe! Jesus Christ is God! Jesus Christ is God! Jesus Christ is God! You are the anti-Christ!"
reminds me of what those KKK guys shouted right before they shot up chalkie's bootlegging barn on boardwalk empire. barack played it cool, as always. #spoileralertretroactive.

southwest airlines : gaycist?

leisha hailey, from the l word and uh huh her, was kicked off a flight recently after kissing her girlfriend. southwest has cited complaints from other passengers. hailey cites homophobia, and is calling for a boycott.

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