08 May 2012

stream the new beach house album

spirit animal : bianca brandolini d'adda

i can't stop looking at this one from last night. read what vanity fair
said about her in 2009

daily ri ri


daily ri ri

rihanna was looking totally fish in her tom ford dress at the met ball last night. #werk

don't be jelly.

tennesee's got herself an absolutely GORGEOUS new wurbsurt. enjoy!

thx rachel.

horror drag

just watch it and love it. sharon needles eat your heart out. this was my immediate reaction after watching this video SPOILER ALERT : "then when she pulled her own baby out of her simulated vagina (also i cant believe that thing was shoved up there the entire time) and then the baby threw up blood all over her i LOST IT."

what's thomas wilhelm doing tonight?

he's going to gorge on pizza cuh-cakes.

a BRUSH?! wtf.

you and these worms.


everyone's favorite children's book author, maurice sendak passed away.
my favorite was in the night kitchen.
here's the full spike jonze doc
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