24 July 2012

get out your umbrellas, here come the london olympics

are you going to watch the danny boyle directed opening ceremonies? are you looking forward to watching ryan lochte swim around in a speedo? during the booze cruise i got some advice from olympian erin donohue and she recommended that i set my sights on the shooting and archery sports or maybe sailing for Rio 2016.i've always wanted to go to brazil so i might as well let the US Olympic committee foot the bill, and BRING HOME THE GOLD.

i digress, lets get excited about london (someone has to).

look at this picture the nytimes associated with its article on the penn state sanctions

there is one face that tickles me. she looks like she is sort of happy, but trying to be shocked.

educatin' yankees

the new york times is again at the forefront of what's going on in the world.  and they're telling us how to make biscuits.  only they got some abrasive lady to yell at us.  now i understand paula dean's appeal.  at least she knows white lily flour is the best, despite it no longer being milled in downtown knoxville.
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