13 February 2014

LOL olympics



so proud (not) to see the boro has attracted the attention of the atlantic wire:
A years-long legal battle over the very existence of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro in Tennessee has cost Rutherford County $343,276 in legal fees, as a group of plaintiffs opposed to the center's existence continue to pursue their lawsuit against the county planning commissioners who approved it. And that number will likely go up as the county's legal team prepares to respond to an appeal request to the U.S. Supreme Court, as the Tennessean reported on Wednesday. (via)

phantogram - fall in love

check out the beautiful new music video. and click HERE to listen to the new album!


slush puddlez.

my faith sent me this first thing this morning

well kylie, if you like that youre going to love this

thx ashley!


a way to make figure skating enjoyable.

thx hannah! #surfboard
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