13 September 2010


oh, guess what.


and they're going to paaaarrrriiiisssss!!




i just got a text from emilube, who's heading into her first review of architecture school at colurmbia, and i asked her if she was ready, and she said:

"not really. i don't like what i did and i didn't even have time to finish really."


the VMAs.

they happened! overall, they were kind of lame (unless you like awkward product placement!). the audience was too dumb to appreciate chelsea handler's antics. and unfortunately, her frequent inability to get through scripted teleprompter-delivered jokes didn't come off as cute as it does on her show. her lady gaga costume made me lol4realz, though.

i loved the skits she did with celebs like lindsay lohan and justin bieber.
omg and ke$ha!

anyway, i'll just show you some of my favorite things that happened.


usher's performance. LaZeRz!! his pants looked bad, but his set was 11 biscuits. for some reason, mtv won't give me the embed code, so click this.

florence + the machine's performance. i'm pretty sure no one in that room knew who she was, but hopefully they recognized that song from the eat, pray, love trailer or something. congrats to florence for 1) not lip-syncing (like eminem), and 2) getting some recognition about two years after she released her album. great job, mtv.

ROBYN! even though she only got about 30 seconds on the way to commerical, she totes killed it.


kanye west debuted his new song 'runaway', and it was the best performance of the night, hands down. the lyrical content is a little strange, but that beat was sick! and you just witnessed the first time i've ever used 'sick' to describe anything. so. officially excited about his upcoming album.


lady gaga winning every award. she's so annoying, and i'm done caring about her. jicyww.

taylor swift's absolutely laughable performance of the song she wrote about kanye cutting her off at last year's VMAs. all i wanted was for him to do it again. just shut up, taylor swift.

ugh. that's enough, linkin park.

so, i c and p'd pretty much the whole show for you. and i had to listen to that toshiba laptop commercial about twelve times to do so. so, why don't you share some of your likes and dislikes. and really make it worth my while.
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