15 November 2012

bringing people together

Friend of 2pz Ashley just wrote an article for the City Paper about the Nashville Porter flea, founded by friend of 2pz KTV.

read the article and support our friends with your clicks and your attendance

beach house, you're scaring me.

new video for "wild".

another 2012 NBA championship finalist bites the dust

This time the Grizzlies wiped the floor with the Oklahoma City Thunder in OKC, winning 107-97. They are looking so tough this year, it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside after almost a full season watching my Tennessee Volunteers lose in every possible way.

Grit and grind expert Zach Randolph can be heard promising Thunder center Kendrick Perkins to "beat yo ass" right before they both get ejected from the game. Hehehehehehehehe.

Next up, the Grizz take on a currently undefeated Knicks team at home in Memphis on Friday. twerk.

north korea presents

Hey idiot, take a look out the window. The holiday season is just around the corner, so that means it is time for me to start dropping hints about what exactly I want to receive in my stocking and under the Jesus bush. If you are a point and click shopper, just go here. Also, if you have been wondering how to make an impact on the life of superstorm Sandy survivor, my amazon wish list is as good a place to start as any.

If you're up for the challenge, I am just gagging for some North Korean Kim Jong Un propaganda merchandise. It might be a little difficult to come by, but just think about the smile on my face when I unwrap my special new pin. Food for thought.

Given the rarity of these new badges, with circulation apparently limited to a specific ministry in a specific area, it is no wonder that they have proven popular among the select few who receive it. The Daily NK reports that these lucky recipients are “brimming with pride as if they’ve received a medal." via.

i dont fool with no horses, boy.

little known (but now widely known) fact: eric berry is terrified of horses. and who can blame him? they are TOO BIG, and joel told me they are too dumb to tell your fingers apart from delicious carrots. click here to see eric berry discuss his fear.

set your tivo's

danielle is coming back to rhonj
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