21 November 2011

puppy thanksgiving reminder

this thanksgiving day
dont forget to thank Lewis and Clark for bringing puppies with them when they discovere America .

unzip me (NSFW)

cazwell and peaches sexing it up together.

mexican kids can do amazing things

like cover adele's rolling in the deep.

probably not as scary.

The curved flight of stairs inscribes like a signature on the landscape and recruits the nimbus of the classical roller coaster. Having a closer look, the public is disappointed in a disarming way. The visitor climbs on foot via differently steep steps the roller-coaster-sculpture. So the sculpture subtly and ironically plays with the dialectic of promise and disappointment, mobility and standstill. Visitors happen to briefly meet with oncoming visitors on the steep and about 1m (3') wide corridors. (via)

puppy on a bike

from china

looking for weaknesses...duh

cats be sneaky.

welcome to the planking party, nyt

"PLANKING has become the annoying trend that just won’t go away."

brb: s'ing my p's

Skyliners Paris trailer from sebastien montaz-rosset on Vimeo.


fleet foxes - the shrine / the argument

complete ineptitude.

The University of California, Davis, said Sunday that two police officers had been placed on administrative leave after using pepper spray on seated protesters at the campus on Friday during a demonstration aligned with Occupy Wall Street.
Videos of the encounter, widely distributed over the Internet, showed two police officers in riot gear dousing the protesters with pepper spray as they sat on a sidewalk with their arms entwined. (via)
shame on you!

bonus link:
a pretty offensive internet meme!

oh no.

what happened to xtina? (skip to 2:00)

the saddest happiest video ever.

look how happy the vols are to have beaten vanderbilt. i want to be excited with them, but i can't get past the vanderbilt part. they almost had me at "the one thing tennessee always does is kick the shit out of vanderbilt." god, that locker room is spectacular.

anyway, great win, vols. here are some highlights:

one more next week, plz!

how do you stay dry?

Radiolab's Robert Krulwich tackles the shakes. and it is CEEEUTE!

thx, nscience

more elizabeth warren love-mongering.

the new york times published an excellent analysis of the context of elizabeth warren's growing popularity:
Over its first weeks, Warren’s campaign raised an impressive $3.15 million, about 70 percent of which came from out of state and 96 percent from donors giving $100 or less. That last metric is crucial, because a consumer advocate who recently said, “The people on Wall Street broke this country,” is not likely to enjoy big-ticket backing from the financial sector. By late October, three of her biggest primary challengers had dropped out.
Even though she’s running for the Senate and not for the presidency, the early devotion to Warren recalls the ardor once felt by many for Obama. On its face, this is odd: Warren is not a world-class orator, she is not young or shiny or new, she doesn’t fizz with the promise of American possibility that made the Obama campaign pop. Instead, she’s a mild-mannered Harvard bankruptcy-law professor and a grandmother of three, a member of the older-white-lady demographic (she’s 62) that was written off in 2008 as being the antimatter of hope and change.
And yet, on a deeper level, her popularity makes perfect sense. Embracing Warren as the next “one” is, in part, a way of getting over Obama; she provides an optimistic distraction from the fact that under our current president, too little has changed, for reasons having to do both with the limitations of the political system and the limitations of the man. She makes people forget that estimations of him were too overheated, trust in his powers too fervid. As the feminist philanthropist Barbara Lee told me of Warren, “This moment of disillusion is why people find her so compelling, because she brings forth the best in people and she brings back that excitement.” (via)

no regrets, just 3 INT's and a 38 point loss...

“Those people would say it was my future versus football and that is not the case. I am proud to graduate from this university and it means more to me than any scholarship could. It was the principle of it. It had nothing to do with the outcome of whether I won the Rhodes Scholarship or if I won the football game today, When it comes down to it, I had a commitment to my teammates and I needed to (display) loyalty to them. The bond I have with them goes deeper than any committee for a scholarship.”

i'm ok!

The U-Haul driver who struck and killed one woman — and injured two others — outside of yesterday's Yale-Harvard football game passed a sobriety test. Investigation of the accident is ongoing. (via)
my boss was worried that i was the one who got run over by a u-haul full of beer kegs. i wasn't!
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