06 October 2011

what is dharma doing?

you tell me.

thx g.animalz!

needs no introduction

jame doody jench!

free your mind

i may have posted this before, but it really made an impression on young joel and bears repeating. en vogue on "a different world." remember the episode?

willow + nicki : fireball


big time football

da'id you know...

...that the vols' beloved reciever da'rick rogers was almost a smelly bulldog?
Da'Rick Rogers, who leads the SEC with six touchdown receptions, was committed to Georgia for seven months before changing his mind and choosing Tennessee at the last minute.
Former Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin laid the groundwork for Rogers’ flip-flop, and then current Tennessee coach Derek Dooley came in and finished the job.
“Everybody’s making a big story out of that,” Dooley said. “But for every one of those guys we get in Georgia, we lose about five others that we want. That’s just part of recruiting.” Rogers, who’s from Calhoun, Ga., said earlier this week that the reason he switched to Tennessee was to “build a new face of a program.”
His best friend in high school, Nash Nance, was a big reason the Vols were able to steal Rogers away from the Bulldogs. Nance was originally committed to Vanderbilt, but after getting an offer from Tennessee in late January, he changed his commitment to the Vols.
Nance and Rogers visited Tennessee together the last weekend in January, and a few days later, Rogers wound up signing with the Vols. (via)
really da'odged a bullet there, amiright?

'SGO VOLS!!!!!!!!!

well, look who it is.

dan humphries, octupi-ing wall street.

stream the new bjork

over here!

nErD aLeRt!

here's a collection of some proposals for ground zero from way back when.

toot toooooooooOOOOooottt!!

hey zaha, why don't you peel the street up again?

is that a waterslide, steven holl?

jesus christ, peter eisenman! just. ugh. thanks a lot.

i could do this all day.

no one likes Kanye's clothes...

...And he had promised them so much, telling the fashion director of one magazine, for example, that design was more important to him than music, and that he planned, with his runway debut, to “change the course of fashion.” “There are wishes, and there are realities,” said Long Nguyen, the style director of Flaunt magazine. “I feel bad, actually, that there wasn’t anything to grab on to. But you can’t just dump some fox fur on a runway and call it luxury.”[zing!]

“All I said was congratulations,” Mr. Zee said afterward. “I wasn’t even there.”

Anna Wintour said, “Ask someone else.”


UPDATE: here's what they look like:

I agree they don't change the course of fashion but it could be A LOT worse. #amiright?

hey, white shirt.

quit beating up those protestors! you're just making me like them more.

and look at this idiot:



i have the biggest crush on y'all.

(obligatory) RIP steve jobs

thx for changing the world. with toy story. 
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