25 August 2014

what brunch in murray hill is like


fave part is that one soberer friend's cab-hailing stance at 1:09.

did you see Beyonce on the VMAs last night?

US Open begins today in hot and sunny Queens, NY

was she thinking about janet jackson in this moment?

you can see the fear in her eyes.


featuring some cool weirdoes talking about the coolest weirdo.

the shade of it all

Vulture.com animated GIF

she's still jenny from the block.

the most wonderful time of the year

we're 3 days away from the first day of college football season, 5 days away from the first football saturday and 6 days away from the vols season opener, because they are inexplicably playing on a sunday night.

so, it's time to decorate your work computers for all your co-workers to enjoy! here are some ideas (click2enlarge):

oh, and if you're a georgia fan, you could use this.


...or, bearenting. (you're welcome) click on this.

thx margauxxx!

what a cute perverted squirrel.

thx phil!
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