21 November 2013

puppies are the best but kismet is the #bestbestbest

I think it only makes sense that kismet is my first post. Enjoy!

we have the best correspondents on the internet (not you bun-bun)

Did you know that 2PzNaPpod has 10 blogging correspondents in addition to the original Two Peas? Remember G. Animalz' funny and informative animal posts? How could you forget the two iterations of the Threadsecutioner (I already have). DJV is keeping in real in Memphis. ThomasWilhelm is still out there creeping around some dark corner of the internet, but you are better off not getting involved in his sordid browser history. Let's not forget our celebrity star stalker, Starla. For legal reasons she can't post about celebrities, but that's ok. And Bun-Bun.

I want to introduce you to our three newest correspondents. You are probably already familiar with their work:

flim - Faith and I used to work together. She is a sassy and sexy thrifting queen that lives in Queens.

Stacey McTrace - Otherwise known as my little sister Melissa, Stacey McTrace lives in Nashville and knows a thing or two about puppies. #petpetpet

Ms. Dangles - My boyfriend Mike De Angelis is a born and bred New Yorker who always surprises me with the music and videos he digs up. #diversityhire

No really, we love all of our lazy correspondents. Show them some love in the comments and never stop not reading us.
We both hope you enjoy the fresh perspectives!

Joel and Kylie

why is the nashville scene trolling memphis?

betsy phillips, a blogger for the nashville scene, wrote an insulting and inflammatory article that i have reposted below. she is a troll.

So the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being index is out and Tennessee's well-being is pretty crappy. In 2012, we were 47th out of 50 in overall well-being. Our lives suck, our emotional health sucks, our physical health sucks. We don't engage in healthy behavior. Our jobs are crap. And we don't have great access to healthcare. We, in this case, being Tennessee.
But "we" being Davidson County, Murfreesboro and Franklin? That "we" has the 28th most awesome lives of any metropolitan area in the nation. We don't engage in very healthy behavior, but we're doing okay on everything else.
The numbers look even better for us when divvied up by Congressional district. Out of 436 congressional districts, we were 108 in overall rank, 86th in life awesomeness, right in the middle of the pack for emotional and physical health and we have great work environments and basic access to healthcare. We're doing better than Marsha Blackburn's district and it's crammed full of rich people.
But perhaps the real question is what Memphis is smoking. TN-09 is at the bottom of the barrel (429 out of 436) in terms of healthy behavior and their work environments and access to healthcare suck. But they're in great shape and they come in at 32 in terms of emotional health and 38 in terms of general live evaluation. Whatever Memphis is doing to enjoy life, we need to learn it and implement it here.

[Editor's Note: Alternate headlines for this story included ...
"We're Awesome, but We Could be Awesomer if We Learn Memphis's Secrets"
"Memphis Sucks But They Don't See It That Way"
"Cognitive Dissonance On The Mighty Missisippi"
"Memphis Brings Down The State Again, Still Smiles About It"]

record breaking subway day, October 24th

the MTA (which stands for mothafuckas touchin my ass) hit a new record for rides taken in one day: 5,985,311. Apparently Thrusdays in October are traditionally the busiest subway days of the year. via.

Remember as days get colder animals are attracted to the warmth of cars so check wheel arches or other hiding places


look how big this japanese solar power plant is

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