15 March 2011

"my jeans" is the new "friday"

i just can't believe they worse those jeans like me.

i thought starla would like to hear this.

UPDATE! while watching this, it occurred to me that jc chasez and teen mom chelsea's boyfriend adam kind of look alike. while trying to google photo evidence, i discovered that there is a large group of internet people that think teen mom amber looks just like adam lambert.



new strokes album

stream it here.

ten bucks it sounds exactly like their other three albums that sounded exactly the same.

what are you doing this weekend?

my perfect saturday.

aNiMaL bOmB!!

in which every other one's a 2sie 2zday.

y'all chill out.

rebecca black isn't for real. well, not really.


at 12.40pm EST. 
and to answer DJpooperine's terrible question, i will not be able to watch our imminent victory with him, as i will be at work in smell jersey. however, i encourage all manhattan-working vols to show up and make him pay for his flip-floppy ways.

don't forget to fill out your 2Pz bracket, if you haven't yet done so!

Jon Cryer

Happy Tuesday. I've been thinking about how much it must be so frustrating to be Jon Cryer these days. He's made a modest comeback, stacking his 2 and a half men chips, and Sheen blows it for him.

here he is in his salad days.

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