28 September 2016

26 September 2016

VPR season 5 y'all

it's coming.

21 September 2016

you watch this

he is at that

tribute to pat summitt

from the pride of the southland marching band!

20 September 2016

shoot 'em elizabeth!

sure why not.

excellent gif work

19 September 2016

pulling out all the stops

it's florida week, y'all.



who's excited?

14 September 2016

what did thom browne make for nyfw?

public pools remain the hottest trend of 2016.

never ever forget

i only wish we could have that broken flamethrower moment back.

13 September 2016

life finds a way

plz and thx

christmas gift idea for rascal

14 weeks until Christmas

12 September 2016

ooh la la

france was VERY impressed with the battle at bristol.

the oldest news on the internet

the ringer takes a stab at covering the nashville hot chicken trend and offers a fairly in-depth history.

thx phil!

09 September 2016

same af


did you know giraffes can chase?

did you know there's more than one kind of giraffe?


cute sign!

The Bristol Virginia-Tennessee Slogan Sign is a landmark in the twin cities of Bristol, Virginia and Bristol, Tennessee, United States. The sign is positioned over State Street, a roadway along the border separating the two states. Although the landmark is technically located in both Tennessee and Virginia, the National Register considers the location as Tennessee. (via)
thank you very much.

half a million beers

we will try to drink as many at GPP saturday night.

battle eve

interesting choices

More interesting in the Billboard story, though, is the way Williams described how he captured each model in the making of this video, and specifically the soundtracks he played:
While shooting the video, he blasted The Prodigy for Clark. For Keiji Haino, the Japanese artist? “No music,” says Williams. “I had to use that, his silence.” Love only wanted to listen to her own songs; Manson “brought it” with Jay Z, even though he only ­listened to Justin Timberlake while ­prepping. “All of the hair and makeup ladies [said they] were ­fanning ­themselves, like, ‘That is the sexiest guy I’ve ever met,’ “ says Clark of Manson. (via)

puppies on the cutting edge of science

they trained these brave little guys (and girls) to stay real still so they could take brain scans in an MRI machine. I'M IMPRESSED WITH THOSE PUPPIES! cute outfits to boot.

08 September 2016

oh this? this isn't anything. go about your business.

these dam puppies are cute!

"i don't want children in my food anymore than i want them in my home."


watch more here.

something to see here

07 September 2016

your daily puss


recorder power

don't not watch this.

usher (feat. future) - rivals

new album next week, everyone.

worst seat in da house

i'd venture to guess that none of these seats are gonna be great.

06 September 2016

sylvan esso - radio

battle at bristol

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