16 September 2010

what in the.


i don't pretend to know the quality of the mets team, but this is a good burn. thx joey tony.

this just gave me 18 heart attacks at my desk.



thx joey tony!

brooklyn bike miracles

brooklyn based just posted this article about bike thievery, including stories of bikes lost, found, and some helpful tips to keep yourself from gettin' jacked. this one's an especially fun read.

what it looks like when gay hipsters fight.

thx melissa!

what are you doing tonight?

according to the new york times, criminals wear yankees hats more frequently than other teams' hats:

A curious phenomenon has emerged at the intersection of fashion, sports and crime: dozens of men and women who have robbed, beaten, stabbed and shot at their fellow New Yorkers have done so while wearing Yankees caps or clothing.
Criminologists, sports marketing analysts, consumer psychologists and Yankees fans have developed their own theories, with some attributing the trend to the popularity of the caps among gangsta rappers and others wondering whether criminals are identifying with the team’s aura of money, power and success. (via)
go yankees!!

on a related note, melissa is in new york, and she's taking me to a mets game tonight! i'm going to root against them most likely, as i am a devoted yankees fan. it's because of their aura of money, power, and success. though, i'm excited to visit the new citifield. i've heard its real nice, it even has a shake shack! we're planning on having 3 or 4 dinners, so if anyone has any recommendations, let 'em fly.

after the game, we will buy some yankees gear and rob a chase bank or two.

what did katie do yesterday?

thx beeun!

i'm still trying to make sense of it all, but the producers of this video have a website, which seems to be focused around the philosphies of a "transcended squirrel". here's a quote from a response to a reader question:

"It’s rare to run across an opossum who is a diva. It’s even more rare to run across a squirrel who is not."

i just love that.
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