05 December 2011

ill go see it

dave, youre coming with me. via.

animals and bathturbs.

there are some keepers in here.

check it out. a human skrillex!


who knew?

drug-addled, googly-eyed, speech-slurring real trainwreck of beverly hills, kim richards, finally checked herself into rehab.

thx for the breaking news, char!

are there any of these at the bronx zoo?

because i want to meet one. thx for the gif carlygoogles

occupy design

GOOD is hosting a competition for designs about the #occupywallstreet movement. check them out here.

oh! i forgot to show you this!

ice cubez

thx char!


BNQT has mashed together this year's best timelapse videos from all around the world. Some of these shots were taken over the course of one hour, some over one year. Space timelapse, the Northern Lights, Australia at New Years and many other scenic phenomenon are included. Take this thrilling ride, and get out there and film your own timelapse. (via)

10 days of my birthday zooventure

on friday, you met the rock hyrax. guess who else lives at the bronx zoo!

please welcome.... a sand CAT!!

things to know about sand kitties:

temperament : focusedalert, inquisitivesassy
diet : snakes!
fur : t-shirt
eyes : lasers
hygiene : excellent
skills : snoozin'winking, stacking
posture : breathtaking

see you on saturday, kitty cats!

the 45 most powerful images of the year.

bin laden!

sheesh, what a year.

2Pz movie reviews

two movies i watched this weekend:

melancholia : 11 biscuits!!

sleeping beauty : 0 biscuits ;(
(not to be confused with the sleeping beauty)
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