27 October 2010

what to do...

...next time you leave your phone at your favorite bar or in a friendly taxicab.

i cant find my phone

thx liz!

um, fainting goat kittens

sweet gay jesus put these on the earth so i could show them to you.via.

your daily ri-ri

Rihanna Ft. Drake - What’s My Name [New Single / 2010]

she's got a new song out too!! with drake, also. this will be on her upcoming album, loud.

oh and also!

the first single off lupe fiasco's upcoming album lasers is on the internet. hear the modest mouse?

lupe fiasco - the show goes on
and here's one of kanye's new jams feat. ri-ri and drizzy....

kanye west (feat. rihanna + drake) - all of the lights


this other'n's boring, but i'll include it anyway...

lykke li - paris blue

you can download both tracks for free right here.

misery bear makes a new friend

misery bear would be a good costume for kismet. just thinking out loud. via.

im very sorry for what i did

yesterday during the inclement weather in nashville melissa asked her roommate to move isabella inside and shut her in the bedroom so she wouldnt get dorothy'd by a tornado. when melissa finally made it home to cuddle and play with izzy, she found that the pup had left a poop for her next to the door. not only was there a poop, but izzy had stolen a square of toilet paper that melissa had used to wipe off makeup out of the trash bin and placed it on top of the poop. because she was still afraid she hadnt cleaned up enough, izzy had also grabbed one sock out of a tennis shoe in the closet and put that on top of the toilet paper poop pile. poor thing didnt have the thumbs necessary to take care of the job.

i have a poison ivy poster in my bedroom

proenza schouler :: "act da fool" by harmony korine

i used to call my dad st. nick cuz he fat as hell and he always walkin around with a red hat on.

some people on the internet think that this promotional film for proenza schouler is racist because of its portrayal of "black stereotypes." i am not one of the people that think this. i think that this little film by the guy that made gummo shows poverty, and recontextualizes these girls that live in poverty to show their beauty and power. nothing racist about that.
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