14 September 2010

did you know?

santana from glee (naya rivera) has a younger brother named mychal rivera and he is a university of tennessee volunteer football player. she has been tweeting about the games, but i failed to notice that. my mom is the one that told me. go vols! go santana! go glee!

VOL news:
Sophomore tight end Mychal Rivera has been a quiet but steady performer since arriving in Knoxville this summer. The transfer from California's College of the Canyons now finds himself solidly in the mix for playing time behind seniorLuke Stocker. "He'll play and we'll throw him some balls," Dooley said of the 6-4, 240-pounder. "He's really doing well. That was a good pickup for us." Rivera caught 35 passes last season for 330 yards and three touchdowns. The Valencia, Calif., product originally signed with Oregon out of high school before transferring to the junior college route for 2009. He has three seasons of eligibility remaining."That was a big pickup for us, it really was," Dooley said. "I feel like we've got two tight ends now."


No, for real, guess!

Bruce Pearl himself. JICYDAK, I work as a teacher at a school known for their basketball team. Today, I took one of my classes outside to work on landscapes and who should saunter by, but the Vol Men's basketball coach. Details of our meeting:

He walked by with some other scouts, and I thought to myself, OMG! that's Coach Pearl!

When he walked by again I greeted him with a smile, a nod and a "GO VOLS!" (just like Keekee taught me)

He smiled and said, "alright! go vols" and we shook hands. (see artists rendering below)

then he asked where i was from and I said Boston but I had some good friends who wet to UT (that's you guys)

He told me he went to BC and then he continued on into the gym.

I'll never wash this hand again.

You use too much dishwasher soap. and laundry soap.

youre probably doing just about everything wrong without realizing it. find out why if you would rather not be wrong your entire life.

omg can you just imagine

Horsey is an attachable bicycle ornament/accessory which makes one’s bicycle look horsey! the ‘horsey’ package includes wooden ornaments (horsey shape body), metal parts, and screws. The manual is very simple so that anyone can easily arrange it according to one’s needs. Through this ‘horsey’ project. I wanted to give a special look to bicycles so that people would care about cycling not only as transportation but also as a lovely pet. via

perfecto, you two.


new kanye song.

kanye west - runaway (studio version)

who is your favorite jonas?

mine, in order :
1) the cute one
2) the gay one
3) the other gay one

oh my goodness gracious

is there anything this movie doesnt have? goop, gossip girl, nashville, tim mcgraw tuohy. just everything. gwyneth paltrow is the best "recovering drunk" actress ever.

gchatz w/ john

i was explaining to john that if he stays in nyc for thanksgiving we can be like on friends, and well...

me: john, you're totally ross
of the friends crowd
john: that's an insult
he was the most loathsome
i want to be rachel!
me: well, give me 3 examples of how you're like rachel
and i'll consider it
john: i'm a real trend setter on hair styles.
that's one
me: let's see how strong your other 2 are
because that one's not very
john: that one is super strong!
me: anyway
let's continue
john: reason two
rachel was a self-obsessed individual.
enough said on that one
me: have you ever considered monica? you're much more like monica.
john: i don't think so
rachel also left her job as a waitress to pursue a job in fashion.
me: uh huh....
john: and that parallels my career transition from tony roma's to SOM.
rachel green it is!
thank you

there you have it.


rachel cheek has joined.

me: ok
here we all are
john: now we've got her right where we want her
me: rachel, you can't be phoebe
john: it's just not working out
me: im sorry, that's not the bed you've made for yourself
to lie in
john: but!
when god closes a window, he sometimes opens his legs.
there is some good news
she's not even paying attention, is she?
rachel: im back
had to get the edamame
snacks ready, im ready
me: dont you care about anything at all besides food?
rachel: no
me: god, you just love proving us right, dont you?
rachel: joey!

there you have it again. also, i've accepted my fate of being the monica, but ONLY because thanksgiving will probably be at my house and NOT, because i'm a control freak. nothing to do with that.


lilly just secured the phoebe spot. and liz is looking more and more like gunther....stay tuned.

what did john and your dad do last night?

what's for lunch?????

"NY style bagel. Sandwhich? Is it called a sandwhich if it's on a bagel?" -melissa

i think it's called a bagel sandwich. 

what did you have for lunch?

julianne moore wants you to let gays get married.

when i clicked play, i was so upset that the 30 rock boston accent didn't come out. anyway, i don't know where this is coming from, but go ahead and watch in the hopes that you get brainwashed, you bigot.

that cat has 'cat' written on him.


what is pupu doing?

wondering why nanners won't fast forward through the commercials during gossip girl.

hey nanners, john thinks your dog's name is really pupu. ctm.
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